Sunday, March 05, 2006

Important announcement

When I first started this blog, I was jobless and aimless. I thought I'd be able to do some public service with free reviews. From an initial 3 reviews requested, the list quickly grew to nearly 100. My intention was to review them all as soon as I could.

However, things have happened in the past couple of weeks. I have a new job, and my personal life has also become busier :)

Unfortunately that means I am unable to do reviews on a regular basis. I will not give up entirely as I do enjoy what I'm doing here, but will probably review only once a week or less.

To all those still waiting for their reviews, I ask for your patience. And for those who are thinking of getting a review, please note that there will be a pretty long waiting period.

Davious and Athena, thanks for your help so far. You are free to continue helping out if you wish, or stop if you want - I'm ok with either decision. Also if anyone else wants to offer their reviewing services, feel free to email me with a sample review. Helpers are always welcome :)

Any inconvenience is regretted. But my life comes first ;)