Thursday, February 02, 2006

Victor's Edge

At least, that's what I think the title of this blog is. It's a bit hard to tell since the entire header says:
Victor's Edge
Nothing Seems to Matter Anymore Around Here
When You Don't See It Coming

See why I'm confused? Then there's an image of orangutans in a boxing ring. One's been knocked out.

On the right column is an image of a newspaper reader being punched in the face. The profile tells me Victor is from Singapore. There's profanity everywhere, including in the disclaimer which tells us, among other things, to "Read at your own risk... Discretion among children required".

I don't like blogs where profanity is used loosely. Swearing at anything and everything does not make you cool. Victor rants and raves about some locksmith, even going so far as to post his phone number online, inviting readers to harrass him, and dedicates two posts to him, complete with every swear word under the sun. Just goes to show how mature this blogger is. He also rants and raves about fortune tellers, TNA Wrestling and this and that. Such an angry young man.

I liked the template, but I didn't like the content at all.

My rating: 2/10