Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mental Jog

Lucia Lai has been blogging since Sept 2003 and is still dedicated enough to blog practically every day. That is a big plus in my books. She blogs about socio-political and current issues and although her English isn't very good, she gets the message (and her opinions) across well enough.

However, the blog layout is where Lucia loses points. It's a Blogspot blog which has been customised, hence the garish header which might have looked all right except that the background contains the words 'Mental Jog' multiple times, in bright blue font. Plus there's some coding on the left (tr>).

This is a 3 column layout, each of which contains images and colourful fonts, creating a busy, confusing atmosphere. Google ads after every post. The images in the post are mostly small, but they are sometimes placed on the left, sometimes the middle, and sometimes the right, making the whole column look haphazard. The multitude of colours only makes things worse.

There's just too much going on and it distracts from the main content. Lucia, I think people will come to your site just to read what you have to say. Get rid of the distracting bits (like your ICQ and Gmail address which you can place in text format, the ads, the site counter images, etc) and your blog will improve tremendously. After all, your blog is of a serious nature, and it deserves to have a layout that's less cluttered and distracting, not one that looks like it was created by a teenager.

My rating: 4/10