Sunday, February 26, 2006


Carboncopy has been blogging since July 2004 - a pretty long time in terms of blogging. He just got his own domain too. Congratulations on that :)

This is a Wordpress-powered blog, with grey and white as the only colours except for the occasional red font and image. Pretty dull look, but it seems to be ideal for this blog since it's a serious one. Mostly political posts, which never really attract my attention.

I only read the posts on the main page and didn't feel any urge to read older posts since the content isn't interesting to me. However, those who are keen on reading his politicial/other opinions may find this blog worth bookmarking.

I did notice that other content categories included Heart Matters, Apple and Technology, etc, but honestly the style of writing isn't great. The English is so-so.

The blogger seems to have his own opinions, but they just don't seem to be coming across (to me) very well. Still, I appreciate that he has taken the time to write about serious issues instead of creating just another personal blog.

My rating: 5/10