Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beautiful Newsmakers

Reviewed by Davious the Apprentice Blog Reviewer

Beautiful Newsmakers is a sight to behold for those who enjoy the physical attributes of the fairer sex. Hyperdx, the author of this site, places images of hot and sexy ladies who have made headlines in the mass media with their looks, smarts and everything in between. Thus the title Beautiful Newsmaker is apt.

Anyway, this Blogspot powered site uses the 1+2 format, 1 header, 1 content column and 1 sidebar.

The content includes photos and a post about each featured artiste, and details such as how she began her career. I'm not sure if the information is copied and pasted or Hyperdx actually searches the web to get the information and writes it in his own way.

Anyway, above every post, there is a Flickr of Asian-Flickrbabes. The photos used are in a potrait format and are uniform throughout the site, which is good. But too many pics killeth the bandwidth.

The sidebar, I consider it very clean. Links to Hyperdx's previous posts and archives, recent comments and the profile is easily accessible. And there is even a search form, good job. The Get Google Adsense didn't interrupt the flow of reading the side bar. On the header, just below the title, are Google Ads which look very weird there in my opinion.

Hyperdx, tell me, what is that underneath the footer?

All in all, this site is recommended only to those who loves the fairer sex's physical attributes.

Overall rating: 6/10