Sunday, February 26, 2006

Anjali Speaks

Anjali has done some creative work on her blog. It's a Blogspot blog but not one of the usual templates. It's really attractive, especially the header.

However, the number of pictures is mind boggling, and slows down the loading of the page. All those thumbnails of books, movies, singers and yummy men on the right - are they really necessary? The posts also contain photos and pictures, although most are thankfully small.

For some reason though, the images don't really look too much. On another blog they may look cluttered and a waste of space but here they actually add to the overall 'atmosphere'. My suggestion would be to just remove the 'yum yum 2004' to reduce loading time.

Anjali's English is really good and she writes well, mostly about her personal life. I liked the post about Boon Cit, that was hilarious! Too bad she doesn't blog more regularly as I think the posts are quite entertaining and she has a wicked sense of humour.

Not much personal info about the blogger, in fact none at all - as in, there's no blogger profile in the left or right columns. I know what she reads, listens to, watches and the kind of men she likes, but apart from that, nothing. I wouldn't know her if I passed her on the street and that's a shame cos I'd like to congratulate her on a good blog.

My rating: 8/10