Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ang Anino Ni Abaniko

Durian coffee. That's the first time I've ever heard of such a thing. And I found it in this blog by a blogger in the Philippines(!). Tell me Abaniko, does it taste good? I can't imagine the taste! (I'm not a durian fan by the way).

Ang Anino Ni Abaniko (The Shadow of Abaniko) is mostly grey, with dark red (for post headers and links), and orange (in the header) being the only colours to break the monotony. I noticed that the header seemed out of alignment with the middle and right columns. But since one of his posts said it's been fixed, I thought it could be a Firefox problem. Checked in IE and sure enough, the header looks fine.

Abaniko blogs pretty regularly, mostly about his personal life. Only two posts in the main page had photos, which is all right with me. If you write well, like Abaniko does, you don't need a multitude of photos and pictures to capture your readers' attention.

He's got a pretty long blogroll in the right column but since the main content is longer, it doesn't do any damage. In fact the entire right column is neat, without unnecessary ads/buttons/banners. The five small buttons on the bottom, under links, actually add colour to the column so they're pretty welcome.

My rating: 8/10