Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yvy's Cozy Corner

Yvy has been waiting impatiently for a review ever since she submitted her blog URL to me, so here it is - I bumped you up a couple of spots just for trying to help me out with that button task.

This is a Wordpress-powered blog, featuring a Gemini template, as the footer informs us. Nice bright template, easy to read font. The words "teh tarik" and "nasi lemak" already make me feel right at home.

The Google ads at the top are pretty small and non-invasive, but I can't say the same for the ones in the right column. Still, as most blogs these days seem to be incomplete without these ads, I've become accustomed to seeing them and can ignore them readily enough.

This is a personal blog but what sets it apart from others is that Yvy writes with passion. You can practically feel her emotions as she writes her posts, whether it's anger at animal cruelty or happiness at finding a spiffy new blog template. Lots of punctuation to emphasise her points.

One thing I don't quite like is the way many words are capitalised in the posts - I guess it's meant for emphasis but sometimes it breaks the flow of the sentence. I would use it only when absolutely necessary, especially as capitalised words are equivalent to shouting on the Internet. E.g: "Although she’s months late for LAST years birthday, she’s the FIRST to wish me this year" and "If you’re wondering WHY I’ve been silent for SO long. Blame my BLURNESS".

The 'Archives' link in the top navigation bar doesn't work. The same link on the right works, but the page itself is blank except for some coding. I finally got to the archives using the monthly links further below.

This blog seems pretty popular judging by the number of comments and I can see why. Yvy comes across as bubbly, sociable and passionate about a lot of things. She writes about things that others can relate to and comment on, and tries to make her blog as interactive as possible. From her style of writing I would say she's about 20, but I know otherwise ;) Very young at heart!

My rating: 7/10

By the way, Yvy, from your Silktide site score, it seems that your blog appears to be in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act ... tch tch ;)