Thursday, January 12, 2006

The World of Fat4

The first thing I see below the title of this blog is a line that says "A Great Way To Orgasm". Now that is a big promise, Fat4, if people don't orgasm, you could be sued for false advertising, you know? ;)

This is a very plain-looking and neat blog. Nothing to distract you from the main content. Except perhaps the South Park picture at the top. I love South Park by the way, but what exactly is the purpose of the pic there? Are you implying that you are as irreverent as the characters? That would be really delicious, I love irreverence.

The first post is centred on the great 'Singapore vs Malaysia - Which is Better' debate. The blogger lists what is positive about both countries and is fair in his opinion. I continued reading the other posts and before I knew it, I had spent a considerable amount of time reading the archives. Pretty interesting and varied stuff in this blog. The blogger refers to newspaper articles sometimes, but what's good is that he doesn't just put a link to the article, he actually gives his two cents' worth - so it's not a cut-and-paste and link everywhere kind of blog.

What I didn't like was the lack of capitalisation in some sentences. There's no consistency here - sometimes the sentences begin with a capital letter and sometimes they don't.

After reading for some time, I waited. No orgasm. Disappointing ... ;)

Overall, I enjoyed reading this blog. It could do with some photos to liven up the place, and have more consistency in capitalisation.

My rating: 6/10