Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's the Commotion?

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

Seriously, what's the commotion on What's the Commotion? If only I knew. The blogger is known as Sang What and he agrees with people's assessment that he's weird and unconventional.

2 column layout, which is very, VERY, and i do mean VERY, clean. To the point where I could just eat the pixels. It's clean on both IE and FireFox.

He writes in reasonably good English (although sometimes he lapses into Manglish) and talks about his student life as well as the art scene which he enjoys.

Nice use of pictures, not too many, and they're kept to a medium or small size.

There is some profanity in some of the posts, so I would recommend a disclaimer.

A decent amount of links in the sidebar which is neat.

Overall rating: 7/10