Friday, January 13, 2006

The Vendetta

The Vendetta is a fairly new blog started in Oct 2005 by 3 contributors.

Below the header is this description: "First, you must discover whose face lies behind this mask, but you must never know my face..." How confusing! Then a disclaimer stating that the bloggers are neither terrorists nor radicals. That's very comforting, but then again, who's to know the truth, right? You could be on the FBI's Most Wanted list and we'd probably never know.

This is one of the plainer Blogspot templates around, with not many pictures to liven up the place.

The bloggers are very opinionated, which I like. They touch upon several issues such as religion and politics and aren't afraid to state their mind.

Sometimes the posts border on the erotic and vengeful, such as the Sweet Revenge with Peanut Butter one: "Today, I smeared my whole body with peanut butter and invited him to lick me clean ... I guess he couldn't resist this deadly temptation, even though he is allergic to peanut butter, very badly." Intriguing ... and I guess it fits in with the blog's declaration that "We Only Seek Justice", since it seems to be some sort of revenge plot.

Despite having 3 contributors, this blog isn't updated very regularly. There were no posts between Dec 31 and Jan 8 which was probably due to the holidays, and none since Jan 9.

Still, it's well-written, although it could do with a livelier template.

My rating: 6/10