Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Tiger's Den

The words "Shag Me Baby" leaped out at me when I visited this blog. Whoa, what a way to capture my attention.

The first post (in fact the only post on the main page) is an explicit story about a threesome. I didn't read it fully as I didn't have time but it looked pretty interesting. Tigerjoe, you may want to put some disclaimer at the top that your blog is only for mature audiences. After all, with the recent tendency for ill-informed journalists to label anime as porn, your blog may be viewed as a tool to corrupt young innocent minds.

I read a few of the older posts which range from sexual encounters to deaths of monarchs to recipes. Pretty varied stuff in this blog. I must mention though that it's a bit hard to get to the older posts when you're not on the main page because you have to select blogs by dates rather than titles.

There are pictures in some of the posts but thankfully there seems to be a limit of one per post.

The blogger has named his blog 'The Tiger's Den' and described it as "the virtual daybed of a promiscuous polyamorous Bohemian Urban Man-Whore (B.U.M.)." Hmm, what a mouthful.

Long column on the right with many colourful buttons at the bottom. Basic black Blogspot template.

There's nothing really bad about this blog. The blogger has a way with words and writes easily about different topics. Looks like a blog I'd enjoy reading if I had more time!

My rating: 7/10