Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Suzette

The Suzette is a Wordpress-powered blog presented in a clean and neat layout with a couple of butterflies in the header. Ads at the top and on the right but they aren't distracting.

The age tag for her son Ian is presented at the bottom rather than at the top like so many other mummy blogs. On the right is a virtual pet, Siao Zhu, which seems to be a purple hamster or something. It follows my mouse cursor around and is quite cute so I spend a merry couple of minutes playing with it.

Although this is a mummy blog, Suzette actually talks about other things besides her son (imagine that!). Yes, unlike some other similar blogs, you find that Suzette has a life beyond her son and it's pretty interesting to read about it. For example, there are posts about when she went to McDonalds and noticed that the manager didn't use gloves when packing the burgers, and her memories of Chinese New Year when she was growing up.

When she does blog about her son, she does it in a matter of fact way and not in the annoyingly proud manner of new mothers who like to trumpet every achievement their kid makes. I liked the one where Suzette realises she has been protecting Ian too much, to the point where he's scared to try new things, and that it was "time to let go".

Even though the English isn't that good, I enjoyed reading the posts. Pretty regular postings which is good.

My rating: 6/10