Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Something to share...

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

And PS...Only ONE, the blogger, did share a lot in this Blogspot-powered site. He also advises us to live life in the present and not in the past nor the

The layout is clean and works equally well on IE and Firefox. The right column is clutter free and neat. However, the CQCounter seems to be hanging around in the wrong position. Also, please do edit your links section.

The blogger writes in fairly good English but there are some entries in Chinese and sometimes a mixture of both which confuses me. If it's possible, when you write in English and then need to use Chinese, could you write it in pinyin or romaji so we know? And for full Chinese entries...well in pinyin/romaji please.

This writer takes good pics, though I must say that some posts could do with less pictures.

Overall rating: 5/10