Monday, January 16, 2006

Some1's Voice Out There

Reviewed by The Apprentice Blog Critic

Alicia's weblog is based on the simple 2 column layout - 1 layout for the posting and the other as the sidebar. The colour symbiosis is easy on the eyes and it is wondrously pleasant for viewers to read it.

The only part I did not like about the layout was the header image, where she placed a small disclaimer link [If you're new here pls read this first..] just below her tagline. It's small, i think it's about a size 10 font. When it's still an active link it's reddish brown so one can notice it, but when it's a visited link it becomes grey and it blends with the image background, rendering nearimpossible to view.

Content wise, Alicia writes her posts in English - though it's broken here and there, the message is easy to understand and to digest. However, her post title irritates me when she places it in mixed capital letters such as "The MalaysiaN FooD".

In many of her posts, she places pictures which I think is quite fabulous but with too many pictures, loading time increases.

Alicia has 12 blogrolls at the moment, maybe it's because she only joined Blogspot in October 2005. Hopefully it doesn't end up like other blogs I've seen that have 50++ blogrolls. Navigation to previous posts/archives is easy.

Overall rating: 7/10