Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snippets of Life

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

Since I can't read Chinese I have no idea what the word before "Snippets of Life" means.

I must say that most of the blogs I am reviewing right now is based on the 2 column layout, which is good. But somehow this blog looks weird on both IE and Firefox. In IE, the writer has placed an iFrametyped thingy for her Youtube which contains videos of her son and her trip to places around Beijing as she is now staying there with her husband. This is terrible as those who may want to scroll down the page using the wheel mouse will instead be scrolling in the Youtube section.

In Firefox, I can see the left-right scrollbar (I'm using 1024 x 768 resolution) but in IE there is none.

Some of the posts are mixed with Chinese kanji which I can't read. However, although the standard of her English is pretty low, the posts are simple and easy to understand.

The text size is HUMONGOUS... it's just too big for my liking. Her style of bolding some words is also distracting and unnecessary.

Navigating to previous posts and archives is simple, good job and the size of the font here is good. She has a decent blogroll, not too long, not too short. There are two tickers at the top, one tells us the age of her son and one tells us how many days are left until her vacation. One ticker at the bottom telling us how many days left to her anniversary. What's the point in having so many tickers?

Overall rating: 3/10