Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simply Hantam

Self-proclaimed sadist King's Wife decided she wanted her blog reviewed. So I popped over and the first thing I saw was the large red Chinese New Year graphic, followed by a post that links you to some other blog.

Hmm... not much substance in the first post. So I continued reading older posts. A picture of some cookies and a guilty admission by the blogger that she had a "fatty-fatty snack". Then a meme. Finally below that, a post that is more personal and substantial, not taking into account that a lot of it was "hahahaha" and some inane conversation.

I read further down and really, the posts are so-so. But she seems to be getting a lot of comments, so there must be some small-time fan base somewhere out there.

I clicked on the October 2005 archives and read some of the older posts, which I must say are much better than the current batch (except for the posts in black and red font - so hard to read!). It seems as though the blogger was more careful and thoughtful when starting the blog, but lately there hasn't been much to blog about yet she blogs just for the heck of it. In other words, she's keeping true to the blog title: Simply Hantam.

My rating: 3/10