Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shaolin Tiger

Shaolin Tiger's blog is bold and I expected no less, with a nickname like that. I love the header, which tells me he's a Brit in Malaysia rambling inanely about eating, drinking, diving and partying. Looks like he's assimilated into our culture of eating and eating and eating, and he actually takes the time to take photos of the food then blog about it.

Very long columns on either side, which I deducted points for, because I dislike long blogrolls/lists/etc. There's a list of blogs he stalks on one side, and blogs he reads on the other. Why not just combine the two? Then there are Geek Links and General Links, which turns the blog into a semi-portal. There's even a whole list of links under 'Add Me'. Tell me honestly, ST, do you need all these links?

Scrolling down, I discover a large gap in the middle of the first post. Hmm, could be my resolution. I switched to 1024x768 and voila, gap gone.

Lots of interesting pictures pepper the posts, expecially the food-related ones. Some tech-educational ones which are useful for tech retards like yours truly. I wonder though, why these posts are categorised under 'General Nonsense' and don't have a category of their own.

I wanted to dig out more info about ST so I clicked on the 'Stupid Me Mes' category. Here's an interesting bit that I found. ST wants a girl who is not a midget nor fat (but not supermodel skinny), has breasts larger than a walnut, has good skin, doesn't have more hair than him (judging by his hairy chest proudly displayed in several pictures I'm assuming this is an easy one to fulfill) and doesn't have a mean/bitchy/slutty face. Well, you're certainly not picky! ;) So what happens if you meet a voluptious girl with good skin, isn't hairy and doesn't have a slutty face, but she's stupider than sheep and is really really picky about food? (I know the meme only asked for physical traits, and I'm curious as to the non-physical aspects you look for).

There's a whole variety of content in here - many of the posts are well-written although ST occasionally sinks to the level of writing nasty posts about people he hates. He seems to especially hate Xiaxue and slams her whenever the opportunity arises. I don't have time to go through the archives and see what sparked off this feeling of hatred, so ST, care to elaborate?

I like reading this blog although some of the posts are mind-numbingly boring (food reviews bore me after a while), but the funny posts like 'Cultural Differences Explained' and the opinionated ones make up for those. I would definitely bookmark ST. I like blogs written with passion and this is certainly one of them!

My rating: 7/10 (would have been higher except for those annoyingly long blogrolls!)