Monday, January 09, 2006

Selba's Feelings

Selba's profile shows she is from Jakarta, Indonesia. But reading further, I discover that she loves Thai pop songs and her blog includes links to Thai blogs, forums and music sites. In fact, her very first post back in June 2005 is about the lyrics to some Thai song. I don't have time to read each and every post in the archives so I don't know her background, and anyway whether she's Thai or Indonesian or German or British isn't a matter of grave importance to me - I just like knowing where a blogger is from.

This is a standard Blogspot template with a picture of Selba that would be more suited to a newspaper article about a criminal - there's this large black strip over her eyes for some reason. She has a sweet smile and perky .... uh ... nose.

Her first post on the main page is profound, but then there are pictures of a golden temple right below that could have been left out. There are already four pics at the top which add meaning to the post so the temple pics just look unnecessary.

This seems to be a personal blog with all kinds of posts, some are profound stories like the first post, some are general observations, and the rest can't really be categorised, like her coffee post: "This morning, during Chinese course, I was sitting beside my laoshi. He had a cup of coffee. Could smell the aroma of the coffee... Hummmmmmmmm....... *closing my eyes* It smells so nice, very calming and wonderful.... Feeling like in heaven....."

Basically it's a rojak blog. Nothing great, nothing evil either.

My rating: 4/10