Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Reflector

Something seems weird about this blog. The columns are blending into one another and the text is all over the place. Must be my 800x600 resolution yet again. So I switch to 1024x768 and voila! Problem solved. The three columns look normal and the text stays where it's supposed to.

Blogger Nick Tay stares at me from the left column. Below his picture is a brief profile followed by a shoutbox and some stat buttons. The good thing about having 3 columns is that it allows you to keep your columns on either side to a reasonable length. Pretty neat columns, plus an important date list which I think is a cool and handy feature.

I turn my attention to the posts. Of all the posts on the main page, only one had no pictures or videos. The rest were just graphic posts with some minimal explanatory text. Event photos, a Yam Seng video and a Chinese New Year greeting. I click on the Personal category on the right to see if I can find some 'fleshier' posts. Not much luck, although I must say the photos with your new haircut are pretty good.

I like the layout of this blog very much (even though I had to change my resolution to see it properly). Can't say the same about the content though.

My rating: 5/10