Sunday, January 08, 2006

Malaysian Ah Pek

Ah Pek requested a review of his blog so I popped over and was greeted by a colourful template complete with fireworks and Chinese characters.

Below that is a picture of an old jalopy with the words "Old but reliable, slow but usable" - is that supposed to be a description of yourself, Ah Pek? My image of you is an old man, bent over, typing very slowly on an old keyboard that's about to fall apart. I bet that's far from the truth though ... because otherwise you'd be dead of a heart attack just by looking at those Japanese swimwear pics ;) Then I read in one of your posts that you're going to be 50 this year ... so maybe you're just a tech-loving dirty old man.

Below that car picture is an animated gif of a smiling lantern which links back to this same site - what's the purpose of making that image a link? The bright red column further below hurts my eyes and really took my focus away from the main content.

I managed to ignore the red links column long enough to read the content. I really don't like the way the comments are named "Lumps of Shit", that's just crass in my opinion. Maybe in keeping with the theme of your blog (AhPek saliva more than tea), you should rename it "Specks of Saliva" or something. Not much classier, but at least there would be a thematic flow.

This blogger seems intent on being crass, with phallic pictures and rude poems. But when I read the Happy Dog Year post, I discovered that Ah Pek is into charity, and has helped raise RM80k for a hemodialysis centre and RM30k for a local Chinese school, in addition to attending countless charity dinners. He seems to have a good heart and his blog can actually be used to raise funds for his various charity activities. So I don't quite get the focus on rude topics. But hey it's his blog, so like they say in Malaysia, his pasal lah.

I scrolled all the way to the bottom, but couldn't find any link to archives. Ah Pek, is your blog new and only consists of one page? If not, please let me know so I can adjust my review to cover your older posts too.

Bottom line: nothing really unique, creative or compelling in this blog.

My rating: 3/10