Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Little Luke Skywalker

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

With a name such as that, one wonders if his father is Anakin Skywalker and whether the writer has the Force within him.

Anyway, this blog is "about Little Luke "Skywalker" and his family, published by his father on the request of his mother for his own nostalgia", as the information on the right tells us.

The layout of this blog follows the 2 column format seen in a lot of blogs. The colour combination is pleasing to the eyes.

This blogger writes a lot, and I do mean a lot. Pretty good English with no hint of Manglish. Well informed posts, with a lot of pictures to boot, though I personally would cut down on the images. But with what this blogger writes in his/her posts it's worth the wait for the images to load.

Sidebar - alright, I must say that this is probably the biggest downfall of this good weblog. There are too many links, and I mean TOO MANY. The one that caused the downfall is the "Recent Jedi(s)Conferred". This I believe is a script done by the blogger to show who has recently commented on the blog. Although it is nice to boast that the site has major interaction with the readers, this is just too much.

What's worse is that under each post, the "comment here" area shows the names of the people who comment. I do believe that if there is ever a time when this blogger receives over 100 comments, you will see a footnote of just names only.

Overall rating: 4/10 (it would have been 6/10 if it wasn't for the comment thingy).