Monday, January 16, 2006

Little Girl in a Reverie

Bright yellow, pink, purple, brown and green text on a black background, plus some disgusting pictures of saliva, assailed my senses when I visited this blog. There's just a lot to absorb at first glance, from the annoying blinky ads at the top to the way too colourful fonts in the posts. And lots of pictures. I mean LOTS!

5 minutes after landing on the main page, IE tells me there are still 56 items waiting to be loaded, presumably some heavy graphics, which I couldn't be bothered to wait for and instead scrolled down to the posts.

From what I read while trying not to be distracted by the various colours and photos, I gather that the blogger is a uni student whose family has recently discovered that she has a "boy boy" and has been teasing her about him. She has the super ability to run like the wind and catch trains and buses while donating to the less fortunate. She also likes to disgust her readers (not to mention blind them) and take an obscene amount of photos. I think this should be categorised as a photoblog given the number of pictures everywhere.

I tried to read some of the comments and when the pop up box opened, I saw bright pink and yellow font on a white background, which put a strain on my eyes. Thankfully the readers' comments were in normal black font which was a joy to focus on after all that visual torture.

After a while I couldn't stand reading it anymore (did I mention the colours?) and decided to give my poor eyes a rest. Oh, and after all that, the top bit STILL hadn't loaded.

Jayelle, I think you have a good sense of humour, your posts are quite funny. But for God's sake, please tone down the colours, don't have so many photos and do something about that slow loading thingy at the top. Oh, and get rid of the blinky ads too. Let people focus on your stories without being blinded and I think you'll probably find more readers.

My rating: 4/10