Sunday, January 22, 2006

Life is Sharing

This blogger gave me two URLs but I am only going to review one: Life is Sharing as the other one just seemed like some sort of health-focused commercial site. That, and I'm short of time. She also gave me her son’s blog URL but I won't review that for now to be fair to the other bloggers who are waiting patiently for their reviews. Maybe in the near future.

This is not a standard Blogspot template, it's got a different background with a pale greenish-purplish hue. It's a bit too distracting in my opinion, as is the bright blue link in one of her posts.

I read the first post which said her e-FIL won a car through a scratchie lottery ticket. Congratulations to him. Don't ask me what an e-FIL is, I know what FIL is but the e- thing, I have no idea.

There are some pics in the second post and the layout isn't too good, they look as if they've been haphazardly placed. This is followed by a meme (what IS it with Malaysians and memes? It's like we're a nation obsessed with memes at the moment. Maybe we should rename the country Memelaysia).

The English is poor and there are some Chinese words here and there. Bridgette seems to be health conscious, and about 7 of her posts on the front page are just diet tips copied and pasted from a book. She also talks about financial tips. I guess out of shape and financially-ambitious people would really love reading this blog.

My rating: 3/10