Thursday, January 05, 2006

JoeC Crash Pad

JoeC's blog has gone through several changes recently, mostly after he got reviewed (and ripped apart) by another site. From a colouful background with hard to read font, he's changed to a white background, which is far easier on the eyes. He experimented with some orange font recently too, but thankfully has now switched to black. Quick question Joe, why is it JoeC Crash Pad and not JoeC's Crash Pad?

I like the picture at the top but it seems too large in my opinion. I'm using IE with an 800x600 resolution, so perhaps that's why it seems to take up so much space. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I'm not changing it anytime soon.

The right bar is a bit long but it's neat, so no points deducted for that. However, the Crash Box seems to be out of order, so Joe, you need to look into that.

Content-wise, this is a personal blog so of course Joe talks about events in his day-to-day life, and sometimes comments on football as well. I like the Wacky Thursday posts, they're fun and interactive - although the focus on hot guys is a bit suspicious ;) The pictures used are small in size so they're not too distracting or annoying.

However, I get bored with food posts and there seems to be a fair number in this blog. Joe, please write more about other topics.

Nothing really bad about this blog, but nothing really compelling either. Perhaps more opinionated posts would be good, and please fix the Crash Box. Also, not every post needs to contain photos/pics.

My rating: 5/10