Friday, January 06, 2006

Itsy Weensy Bytes

Angelblaze83 submitted her blog to me for review. From her email itself I gathered she was a young, bouncy, cheerful kind of girl. An opinion that was reinforced when I visited her blog, which reveals that she's 22, mostly sweet and, in her own words: Easily Bored *sticks tongue out* *grinz!*. Now I have a visual image of a mostly sweet 22-year-old sticking her tongue out at me while giving me a dimpled smile.

So if you're young and lively, why is your blog so dull in terms of colour? The banner at the top is black and grey, with an electric purple scribble that doesn't really stand out. Maybe the title "Itsy Weensy Bytes" should be the one scribbled instead. Better still, change the entire colour of the banner to something more lively.

The column on the right seems to have relocated itself to the bottom of the page - perhaps it's my 800x600 resolution, but you should really look into that - I had to scroll all the way down to get to the archives.

Content wise, some of the posts are really cute with the cutesy panda and seal pictures. This sentence bugged me though: "PS: don’t miiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss meeeeee toooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccch!!" That's a sheer waste of characters and really, "Don't miss me too much!!" would have gotten the message across a lot less annoyingly.

Similar to JoeC's blog, this one has a fair number of food posts too. I drooled when I saw the Tarbush pics because that's one of my favourite restaurants and I have a craving for some kofta now. There seems to be something about Malaysian blogs and food, they seem to go hand-in-hand - I suppose it's only natural given our love affair with food.

In her email, angelblaze83 requested that I read the SUHFVC post which apparently received a lot of comments. So I read it. It's basically about her experience with some obnoxious girl in a toilet. This girl was dishing out advice on how to get guys to notice you and apparently, guys will only like you if you are stick-thin. I really have no idea why you stuck around so long to have that conversation with her, but I must commend you on your patience and for not ripping her to shreds verbally, which I would have done. I don't have patience to deal with presumptuous fools and would probably have told her: "I don't take advice from ugly bitches. Goodbye, and have a nice day."

The content is generally ok, but please stop running your sentences together like this: "I know its baaaad..but come to think of it lately i have been a wee bit lazy to blog..My heart isn’t in it.. Like one of my girlfriends said, the undies post was just a way for me to fill space on my blog.. She kind of felt that my heart wasn’t in it..She says it lacked enthusiasm.." Separate your sentences properly, do away with the double full stops and make your paragraphs shorter so reading is easier.

I clicked on the Gallery link which was last updated in August 2005, with a message saying Coming Soon. It's been 5 months, girl, so it's time to fill that section up or remove the category altogether. You have loads of pics on your blog, why not categorise them properly and stick them in this section?

Bottom line: this is a cutesy blog which needs to have a livelier choice of colours - you're young, don't dress up your blog in granny colours :) Fix the right column, make use of the Gallery section and paragraph your posts properly.

My rating: 4/10