Monday, January 23, 2006

Inside the Mind of a Single Guy

A half-full glass and an ashtray on a table. A window looking out onto some traffic. All in black and white. A pretty artistic header. So is this single guy a drinker and a smoker who likes to observe the world going by? His profile doesn't say. But a picture is worth a thousand words eh? ;)

Unlike many other blogs, this one has its blogrolls on the left. It's pretty long but since there are a fair number of posts on the main page it doesn't really matter. A tagboard, links, buttons, etc. The usual stuff.

Black and white feature predominantly in this blog, broken only by occasional brown text and pictures.

Content is OK. 2 memes, some rants, a scam letter, etc. Meh. Nothing really interesting, although I must say his English is pretty good. In case you're wondering, the blogger, SnglGuy is from Manila and is 44 and still single. Oh, and he's moody, sarcastic and pessimistic ... although generally a nice guy, or so he claims.

The comments are presented differently - there's no indication of the number of comments. Instead there is just a general link to Write/Read your Reactions which doesn't reveal the popularity of each post.

This blog is generally OK. I wish there were some more interesting posts though.

My rating: 5/10