Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Going [Wild] & Glowing [Charm]

This blog uses a Blogdrive template with blinky ads at the top. Google ads on the right and at the bottom of the first post. Plain-ish template apart from the nice blue stripes on the top. Had to scroll across to see the right column with my 800x600 resolution.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent of the bad news.

The rest is all good news. Great English, good use of photos (although some could be smaller), well-written posts. The blogroll on the right is a bit long but neat, and since the main content in the middle bit is longer, no harm done.

There's not much personal info available about the blogger, Rosalind@S-Kay, in the side column, but from reading the posts, I discover she's an ambitious 21-year-old student who has some grand business idea that will be launched once she graduates.

The tendency for Malaysians to blog about everything under the sun is captured in one of her posts, where she writes: After Sakae, we went off to T.G.I for dessert. Mr.BF said, "You have to blog about this man!!!"

Still, Rosalind isn't the type to blog a few times a day just to inform everyone that her toenails grew by a centimetre that day. She only blogs once every 3 days or so and her posts are pretty interesting.

I really like reading this blog - shall be bookmarking it!

My rating: 7/10