Thursday, January 19, 2006

FH2O : Kuching Kayaking

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

At first I thought that this blog is about some fanatical kayak-er in Kuching, but FH20 is a person young at heart and approaching the ripe old age of 50.

According to his profile, he graduated from UNSW, Sydney. He wanted to change the world but the world changed him instead.

Layout is the classic 2 column, simple and clean although there tends to be overuse of pictures here and there. But this blog has a problem when it is viewed with IE. That will be explained later.

FH20 writes well and his English is flawless. He uses a lot of pictures in his posts and I recommend reducing them and making them the same size so that it's easier to read the flow of words. Although some of the articles are long and loading is a little slow, FH20 has captivated me with his words and pictures.

On the top of the page is a ticker which overlaps on the sidebar. This is a big no-no in my book. I thought it was an IE fault until I realised the same thing occurs in Firefox.

Now, on to the problem I mentioned earlier. When I viewed this page with IE, I couldn't see some items on the sidebar like the chatbox and archives until I scrolled far down. I then viewed the blog using Firefox which showed the contents of the sidebar properly.

I feel that there should be a space between the Guestbook link and the Quote of the Day (and I also recommend that the font size for the latter be reduced). In fact, there needs to be better spacing between the items on the right column.

Overall rating: 7/10