Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dustyhawk - Broken Mirror

A black and white blog with no pictures except the hamster on the header. At least, I'm assuming it's a hamster. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's some sort of cutish creature. Probably that's who Dustyhawk is?

The blogger has a Firefox/Google banner at the top, with another Google banner on the bottom. Sponsors of the site? Or just revenue generators?

Serge Norguard has been blogging since 2002 so he's an old hat at this. The categories are arranged in a neat horizontal bar at the top. I wasn't sure if the categories were clickable as the mouse didn't turn to a pointer when I rolled over them. I clicked anyway and found out that they were links after all.

There's nothing to distract you from the main content, which is how a blog should be. Even the tagboard is on a page of its own rather than in a side column as is the case in most blogs.

A bit strange that Serge refers to himself as a third person in his blog. Hence you get sentences like this: "Well now, serge has been asked to design a banner for Mabel..." and "On a side note, serge maybe considering taking a loan to get a car".

Categories of his posts include Personal, Streamyx/Work, Malaysians, Health and more. I didn't go into each category, but I did click on several of the posts in the archives for a quick browse. Content is OK although of course there's the occasional post that I totally don't understand like the Japanese song lyrics. English is reasonably good. Some sentences are capitalised, some aren't. There needs to be more consistency on this.

A pretty decent blog that would probably appeal most to those who share his taste in music and anime.

Overall rating: 6/10