Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Double Happiness - Twinsmom's Blog

Twinsmom's blog is bright and cheerful, and I understand that she's got 3-year-old twin girls. What I didn't understand (at first) was who Earthone is and why there's an age indicator for Earthone's baby on the same blog. Until I scrolled down and discovered a post by Earthone - so this is a blog by two people, I gather? At the bottom I see a time indicator for a wedding anniversary. Now I'm confused - whose wedding anniversary? Earthone's? Or Twinsmom's?

A colourful train with the words "Double Happiness" adds even more cheer to the top of the blog. Then there's a sitemap and a search feature, followed by an ad for what I assume is Twinsmom's business, and then the blog itself starts. Phew!

Cute little animated heads are used whenever there's a conversation, and each head has its own emotion. Pretty unique and cute, in my opinion. Colourful little bugs separate the posts. If you didn't know this is a blog about kids, you'd definitely know once you saw the template.

What I don't like are the ads at the bottom of each post. Since they're the same ads for each post, perhaps they can be tucked away discreetly on the side or the bottom of the blog.

Lots of Manglish, which I am OK with ... in small doses, and then too, only if you aren't too good in English. If your English is good, why resort to Manglish? But then again, I guess it also boils down to the audience. If you want to reach out only to Malaysians, then fine. But if you're hoping to reach out to a wider audience, brush up on your English. I suspect Twinsmom and Earthone aren't too fussed who reads their blogs. That's why you have paragraphs like this: "that day still got some business lar, tai-tai being tai-tai, even though spent few grands on the pearl, to them it is just some plastic beads to them, so wear it for a while don’t know fling to which corner liao, chin-chai finishing will do. "

This is a mummy's blog through and through, and will probably appeal to other mummies, especially those with toddlers of the same age. Some of the posts are funny, with the twins asserting their authority over a younger child, for example, but the rest are so-so. I like the bright, cheery template, but other than that, nothing stands out.

My rating: 4/10