Thursday, January 26, 2006

Disposable title

The URL is really apt for this blog. There's so much bitterness around. Bitterness against the government, bitterness against school, bitterness against foreign thugs ... he's so young and already so bitter. Doesn't bode well for the future.

The blog is pretty OK. Black background with predominantly white font, but sometimes red and bright blue are used as well which isn't very calming to the eyes, to say the least. The column on the right seems good as I scroll down, until I suddenly spot this bright red table under Playlist. That's just horrible. Too bright and too hard to read.

The Overdresser, as he describes himself, says he is "Stupid as hell....but clever as you.." His posts, as I've mentioned above, are mostly bitter. The English is all right except he likes to use the word "fluck" a lot.

I like the good use of pictures - used to complement the post. Apart from that there's really nothing interesting for me personally in this blog. Although some of the posts brought back memories of my schooldays, the rest of them are just OK. I'm not drawn towards bitterness. In fact, I came away feeling unhappy after reading this blog.

My rating: 5/10