Friday, January 13, 2006

The Chaos Around Tibbar De Gniw

Tibbar De Gniw's blog was started in Nov 2005 with a post that said she's a chronic leporid lover. What's a leporid, please enlighten us.

Interesting nick - it would have been interesting even if it wasn't spelled backwards. And what a great command of English. I love it already.

Basic black Blogspot template and not many pictures (apart from some posts where she puts up photos taken with her new digital camera). Her profile tells us she's in secondary school, so you must be a teenager (I should have been a detective, I know!). In fact, I believe you just turned 16 on January 5. So ... happy belated birthday!

But this is no ordinary teenage blog with teenage angst or fluffy pink graphics, etc. This is a well-written personal blog and even the most mundane posts, like the one about her dog having fleas, are entertaining to read. Sometimes she rants about her headmaster and teachers, which brings me back to my schooldays, and sometimes she talks about everyday things like cleaning up messes.

Tibbar De Gniw, you're a good writer. Keep it up, blog about more serious stuff and your blog will probably gain more popularity. You've got loads of potential!

My rating: 7/10