Sunday, January 29, 2006

But Enough About You

Narcissistic blogger Jay is currently in London and has an incredibly long blogroll. That's what I find out on the left column of this Blogspot-powered blog. The blogroll can be as long as it wants to though, because Jay is in the habit of writing long posts and the left column is never in any danger of being longer than the main content.

The first post tells me Jay is 31 (happy birthday!), and I find out 31 things about him. This is not as boring as it sounds. Unlike other people who have perfected the art of boring readers to death with mundane details about themselves, Jay manages to turn even the most ordinary bit of info into something entertaining.

Take the next post for example. It is basically pictures and info about his wardrobe, including a tattered looking pair of Valentino boxer shorts. And yet I continue reading to the very end, hanging on to every word. He writes in flawless English, which is so rare among Malaysians these days.

I particularly enjoyed the post which showcases his artwork. It's hilarious, and shows us his creative side. Which brings me to my one and only sort-of-negative point about this blog - why, pray tell, with all that creative juice running inside you, do you use a standard Blogspot template when you can create something so much more exciting and visually appealing?

Templates aside, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. It's a shame Jay doesn't blog daily, because he's so good at it.

Definitely one to be bookmarked!

My rating: 10/10