Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bouncing along in life

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

And bounce we shall to this Blogspot-powered site which i must say needs a WARNING SIGN, as it is definitely not for the faint-hearted and "innocent" folks.

I like the clean black 2 column layout.

The content, as I have mentioned earlier, is not for the innocent. This guy curses like it is his oxygen. Seriously wicked, talks about everything from cars to sex to everything. Plenty of text, some posts are very long thanks to the fact that he places his whole chat logs in them.

What I like about his posts is that if there is a related or similar post in his archives, he'll link to those as well. Good job.

Easy navigation to archives and previous posts. BUT if someone wants to find the blogroll, they have to click on the finger.Yes, THAT finger. The fact that the blogroll is hidden is good since the list is pretty long. But I do recommend that you
put some text to state what that finger does since its role isn't obvious.

Overall rating: 6/10