Sunday, January 22, 2006

Book of Aletheia

I like this blog’s template, it’s got refreshing shades of green and orange on a white background. The blogger updates pretty regularly and his posts are pretty interesting, mostly about relationships (or at least, those that I read were!) What’s up with the tiny writing at the bottom of the first couple of posts though?

The archives were listed by post name rather than lists of months which was really good – I could just scroll and read a post with a name I liked, rather than what happens with the usual Blogspot archives, where you click on a month without knowing what posts are in there.

There’s a tab on the top called Marketplace which is some sort of classifieds section. I’ve not seen this in other blogs. There are only two ads in there for now. I have no idea what the deal with this page is.

There are some Google ads on the top but they’re non-invasive. However I didn’t like his email address as it was just too colourful and hard to read. There’s also a large red ad under Sponsors, followed by more Google ads which did nothing to add value to the blog. In fact, there seems to be a fair bit of commercial content on this site for some reason. Are you doing this to pay off the hosting costs or something?

The column on the right isn’t too long. If the email address is reduced in size and colours, and the sponsor ad reduced or made less invasive, this would be a pretty good template.

I got curious about the blogger and tried to find his profile. But there’s nothing about him on the front page. So I clicked on the tab called ‘About’ at the top. I didn’t find much info though, although the blogger has explained the reason for his secrecy: “I am connected to certain people in high positions and my views on this blog may contradict or offend them.”


But that doesn’t mean you can’t even identify yourself with a nickname on the main page ;) I finally learned that you’re known as GhOst by reading the comments.

Content wise it’s ok. The English is decent and the words flow pretty well. But somehow I find the posts lacking something. I don’t have the urge to return and read more.

My rating: 6/10