Monday, January 16, 2006

BJ Thoughts

Clicking on to Balajoe's blog, I discover that BJ thoughts do not stand for batch job or blow job, but instead, just the initials of the whacky owner. Well there go my hopes of finding a blog that is wholly dedicated to blow jobs. Just kidding!

There's a picture on the right of a little boy wearing adult sunglasses and I assume that's the blogger's son. Cool kid. Below that is a profile of the blogger and even an FAQ about him - that's pretty funny! Not the content but the fact that an FAQ even exists. If you have burning questions about Balajoe and his blogging habits, you'll find the answers right there.

The right column is way too long, extending beyond the posts themselves. In fact there seems to be only one post on the main page and that ends halfway down the page while the right column continues merrily along its way. Scroll, scroll, scroll till you get to the end and then you realise that you have to look under Past Thoughts to see the older posts, or Museum Stuff for the archives.

This is a personal blog that leans more towards serious issues such as politics (the blogger takes great delight in pointing out the stupidity of politicians and civil servants and I don't blame him) and social misbehaviours such as road rage. There are of course the more personal posts such as the ones about his son and his working life, and occasionally you find some funny videos as well.

The blog is easy to read in 800x600 resolution, but switch to 1024x768 and the white font on black background becomes less clear and consequently, harder to read.

This is not a bad blog - in fact the blogger does raise some interesting issues from time to time. My suggestions to improve are to place more posts on the main page, perhaps change the template and check the quality of the photos that you put up - some are so dark that you really can't make them out at all.

My rating: 6/10