Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Baby Bok Choi

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

This blog uses the 3 column layout and is powered by Blogsome which uses Wordpress's technology. It is nice, but the spacing in between the left and right columns and the middle column is quite small, and it can get distracting if the words in the left or right columns are long and encroach into the middle bit.

The one thing that irritates me is that the latest post title, which during my review was "Freezie Eating", looks as though the blog title is "Baby Bok Choi" and the tagline is "Freezie Eating". This happens in IE. In Firefox, you can see the space between the blog title and the post title, but it's still too little and if I was a first time reader I'd swear that's the tagline for the blog.

This blog is written by MamaBok, a Singaporean-Chinese female who is now living in Canada. Since this blog is semi-private, you'll find a lot of password-protected posts. The writing is simple and nice to read. A decent amount of photos.

Since blogsome is a free blogging service using wordpress themes and cool technology, it is easy to navigate between categories and archives. However, I would recommend that the "About Me" information is placed at the top and not further down under Links.

Another negative feature is that the Comments for each post is placed below the line that separates each post, which makes it seem as though the comments actually belong to the next post instead.

Overall rating: 5/10