Monday, January 23, 2006

Avila's Coffee Break

Avila is a 19-year-old blogger in North Borneo. Her style of writing is short sentences with no capitalisation. Observe: "i just got back from a wedding. it was great. i met my old classmate and schoolmate. i just found out that my old classmate when i was 13 years old is already engaged. he's cute. great friend. i'm happy for them."

There was also some language used which I didn't understand: "it just struck me now at this very moment. bazatan zou! having to remember that particular night. nokuo ti??! ih feeling zou...? ishh. moluar guangku."

This is a personal blog chronicling Avila's life. Many of the posts start off with a small picture of coffee. Some have other pictures, some have no pics at all. Why the inconsistency?

The flooble chatbox on the left was working when I reviewed this blog but when I clicked to one of the archives then back to the main page, it was no longer working.

The rest of the column is just archives and recent posts. Short and sweet.

This blog would probably appeal most to people who know Avila in real life.

My rating: 5/10