Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This is another mummy blog by a "female Malaysian living in Petaling Jaya. A mother to a little baby and a wife to a SUPER BIG baby."

A standard Blogspot template with the content on the left and column on the right. Rather plain but some of the posts have pictures to add more colour. I like the way the pics are done, they are tasteful and have been artistically enhanced. I'm guessing this blogger is rather artistic in nature.

The posts mostly revolve around her 2-year-old son, BB (the age tag is placed discreetly at the bottom which is nice). He seems to be a cute kid although some of the posts reveal he may be a handful!

As a young mother, Allyfeel blogs about the feelings that BB evokes in her. She also blogs about his achievements, naughtiness, etc. I liked the post about how she got a scare when she couldn't find him in the pasar malam, I could almost feel the fear and anxiety she was going through.

The English is all right. What most attracts me are the photos. The column on the right is short and neat.

This blog would appeal to other mummies and those who know Allyfeel personally.

My rating: 6/10