Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Absolut Alumni

Grey background and an image of a bottle next to the header "Absolut Alumni". First thing that pops into my mind is Absolut Vodka.

The blogger, Blinque, names his posts like episodes of Friends (The One With....). Comments are listed as Olives in a Martini. So I'm guessing that this blogger likes alchol and loves Friends. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I was loving the template of this blog until I scrolled down and my eyeballs nearly popped out with the colours of the text. Red, purple and blue in addition to hues of grey.

The posts below the top post on the front page all had a timeline reminding us about Chinese New Year (12 days to Gong Xi Fa Cai!! etc). And after all that exciting build up, Blinque blogs on Chinese New Year starting with this sentence: "Totally don't feel the Chinese New Year vibe wei". Talk about an anti-climax!

After a few minutes Firefox told me the tagboard was still loading (transferring data from www.tag-board.com). I looked around and couldn't find any links to archives or categories. Maybe the tagboard was screwing things up.

So I couldn't really review anything else but the main page. Based on my limited observations this blog is generally OK except the colours.

My rating: 6/10