Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Absolut Alumni

Grey background and an image of a bottle next to the header "Absolut Alumni". First thing that pops into my mind is Absolut Vodka.

The blogger, Blinque, names his posts like episodes of Friends (The One With....). Comments are listed as Olives in a Martini. So I'm guessing that this blogger likes alchol and loves Friends. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I was loving the template of this blog until I scrolled down and my eyeballs nearly popped out with the colours of the text. Red, purple and blue in addition to hues of grey.

The posts below the top post on the front page all had a timeline reminding us about Chinese New Year (12 days to Gong Xi Fa Cai!! etc). And after all that exciting build up, Blinque blogs on Chinese New Year starting with this sentence: "Totally don't feel the Chinese New Year vibe wei". Talk about an anti-climax!

After a few minutes Firefox told me the tagboard was still loading (transferring data from www.tag-board.com). I looked around and couldn't find any links to archives or categories. Maybe the tagboard was screwing things up.

So I couldn't really review anything else but the main page. Based on my limited observations this blog is generally OK except the colours.

My rating: 6/10

The Suzette

The Suzette is a Wordpress-powered blog presented in a clean and neat layout with a couple of butterflies in the header. Ads at the top and on the right but they aren't distracting.

The age tag for her son Ian is presented at the bottom rather than at the top like so many other mummy blogs. On the right is a virtual pet, Siao Zhu, which seems to be a purple hamster or something. It follows my mouse cursor around and is quite cute so I spend a merry couple of minutes playing with it.

Although this is a mummy blog, Suzette actually talks about other things besides her son (imagine that!). Yes, unlike some other similar blogs, you find that Suzette has a life beyond her son and it's pretty interesting to read about it. For example, there are posts about when she went to McDonalds and noticed that the manager didn't use gloves when packing the burgers, and her memories of Chinese New Year when she was growing up.

When she does blog about her son, she does it in a matter of fact way and not in the annoyingly proud manner of new mothers who like to trumpet every achievement their kid makes. I liked the one where Suzette realises she has been protecting Ian too much, to the point where he's scared to try new things, and that it was "time to let go".

Even though the English isn't that good, I enjoyed reading the posts. Pretty regular postings which is good.

My rating: 6/10

Sunday, January 29, 2006

But Enough About You

Narcissistic blogger Jay is currently in London and has an incredibly long blogroll. That's what I find out on the left column of this Blogspot-powered blog. The blogroll can be as long as it wants to though, because Jay is in the habit of writing long posts and the left column is never in any danger of being longer than the main content.

The first post tells me Jay is 31 (happy birthday!), and I find out 31 things about him. This is not as boring as it sounds. Unlike other people who have perfected the art of boring readers to death with mundane details about themselves, Jay manages to turn even the most ordinary bit of info into something entertaining.

Take the next post for example. It is basically pictures and info about his wardrobe, including a tattered looking pair of Valentino boxer shorts. And yet I continue reading to the very end, hanging on to every word. He writes in flawless English, which is so rare among Malaysians these days.

I particularly enjoyed the post which showcases his artwork. It's hilarious, and shows us his creative side. Which brings me to my one and only sort-of-negative point about this blog - why, pray tell, with all that creative juice running inside you, do you use a standard Blogspot template when you can create something so much more exciting and visually appealing?

Templates aside, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. It's a shame Jay doesn't blog daily, because he's so good at it.

Definitely one to be bookmarked!

My rating: 10/10

The Reflector

Something seems weird about this blog. The columns are blending into one another and the text is all over the place. Must be my 800x600 resolution yet again. So I switch to 1024x768 and voila! Problem solved. The three columns look normal and the text stays where it's supposed to.

Blogger Nick Tay stares at me from the left column. Below his picture is a brief profile followed by a shoutbox and some stat buttons. The good thing about having 3 columns is that it allows you to keep your columns on either side to a reasonable length. Pretty neat columns, plus an important date list which I think is a cool and handy feature.

I turn my attention to the posts. Of all the posts on the main page, only one had no pictures or videos. The rest were just graphic posts with some minimal explanatory text. Event photos, a Yam Seng video and a Chinese New Year greeting. I click on the Personal category on the right to see if I can find some 'fleshier' posts. Not much luck, although I must say the photos with your new haircut are pretty good.

I like the layout of this blog very much (even though I had to change my resolution to see it properly). Can't say the same about the content though.

My rating: 5/10

Wuf! Wuf!

That's the title of this blog, followed by a question: Are you pondering what I'm pondering? Well, I don't know what you're pondering, but the question in my mind is why you've used babypuppies as your URL and BabyPup as your nick when a pup is a baby? Oh well.

Basic Blogspot template with Google Ads at the top, cute pup pic on the profile, and a right column that's longer than the actual posts on the main page. Maybe it's because the Archives are listed by date and not by month. There's also a bit of code at the bottom (This is a paragraph of text that could go in the sidebar) which should be removed.

BabyPup is thrilled because he just got a car. What joy! It's always nice to get a new car. Heck, it's always nice to get a new anything :) Other posts on the main page include a rant about some really bad service at a teahouse in Kuching, information about RSS feeds and .... that's it. Three posts since Dec 28 2005.

I glance at the archives and notice that there are only about two or three posts every month. Maybe that's why it's listed by date. Hmm, talk about sparse. I clicked on some dates randomly and read the posts. More rants, a birthday notification (he's 25 - the pup is growing up!) and some other odds and ends.

Nothing compelling about this blog.

My rating: 3/10

CNY Greetings

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and may you all be blessed with health, wealth and happiness!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Footsteps in the Mirror

Blue, grey and white are the primary colours of this blog. Very pleasing to the eye. There's a message at the top saying that the blog is under reconstruction - I think it looks just fine the way it is, but I'm still keen to see what the blogger will come up with.

Please explain to me what that image is in the header. I can see two shoes under the big black blob. It's probably going to be an obvious thing and I'll kick myself for not recognising it, but for now I can't make head or tail of it.

I love the navigation on this page. Kamigoroshi has wisely hidden the links, comments and chat board in neat little grey boxes on the right, which you click on for a drop down list. Nice!

And when you roll over the header or titles, a large tooltip appears telling you exactly what it leads to or contains. Good feature for readers with poor sight or those really clueless ones.

This is a personal blog that's really well written so even a mundane blog about him being sick turns out to be an entertaining read. The English is flawless and the blogger posts pretty regularly.

I can't find a thing not to like in this blog, so congratulations, you get a perfect score!

My rating: 10/10


Blogspot-powered blog. The first few posts are in italics. Lower down, the font isn't italicised, but some sentences are in horrendously large blue, purple and yellow colours. A few poems, a few memes and some personal musings on the main page.

Lots of pictures which have been taken from somewhere but not credited. Tch tch, you naughty Singaporean girl!

Shimmering graphics on the right column, a football clock, a list of links in italics, and some quotes.

Something about the italicised posts just put me off immediately, and I couldn't bring myself to read much of this blog.

My rating: 3/10


There's a Lat cartoon on the top of this blog. I love Lat so this puts me in a good mood immediately. I scrolled all the way to the bottom and found a Calvin and Hobbes strip - another favourite of mine. I like this blog already!

Zed's profile is pretty long but refreshingly honest. As he puts it: "Some (posts) probably makes sense and others may be trash - such is a blog." Well said.

It's a basic Blogspot template but for some reason the layout is wider than usual. I had to scroll to read the column on the right. Perhaps it's the cartoon that threw the layout out of whack?

Zed is not a daily blogger but when he does blog, it's something worthwhile. I like reading the posts, they're well written and insightful, and the English is flawless.

Nice use of pictures and he credits the source which is pretty ethical of him.

I only have problems with the width of the page.

My rating: 8/10

Disposable title

The URL is really apt for this blog. There's so much bitterness around. Bitterness against the government, bitterness against school, bitterness against foreign thugs ... he's so young and already so bitter. Doesn't bode well for the future.

The blog is pretty OK. Black background with predominantly white font, but sometimes red and bright blue are used as well which isn't very calming to the eyes, to say the least. The column on the right seems good as I scroll down, until I suddenly spot this bright red table under Playlist. That's just horrible. Too bright and too hard to read.

The Overdresser, as he describes himself, says he is "Stupid as hell....but clever as you.." His posts, as I've mentioned above, are mostly bitter. The English is all right except he likes to use the word "fluck" a lot.

I like the good use of pictures - used to complement the post. Apart from that there's really nothing interesting for me personally in this blog. Although some of the posts brought back memories of my schooldays, the rest of them are just OK. I'm not drawn towards bitterness. In fact, I came away feeling unhappy after reading this blog.

My rating: 5/10

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dustyhawk - Broken Mirror

A black and white blog with no pictures except the hamster on the header. At least, I'm assuming it's a hamster. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's some sort of cutish creature. Probably that's who Dustyhawk is?

The blogger has a Firefox/Google banner at the top, with another Google banner on the bottom. Sponsors of the site? Or just revenue generators?

Serge Norguard has been blogging since 2002 so he's an old hat at this. The categories are arranged in a neat horizontal bar at the top. I wasn't sure if the categories were clickable as the mouse didn't turn to a pointer when I rolled over them. I clicked anyway and found out that they were links after all.

There's nothing to distract you from the main content, which is how a blog should be. Even the tagboard is on a page of its own rather than in a side column as is the case in most blogs.

A bit strange that Serge refers to himself as a third person in his blog. Hence you get sentences like this: "Well now, serge has been asked to design a banner for Mabel..." and "On a side note, serge maybe considering taking a loan to get a car".

Categories of his posts include Personal, Streamyx/Work, Malaysians, Health and more. I didn't go into each category, but I did click on several of the posts in the archives for a quick browse. Content is OK although of course there's the occasional post that I totally don't understand like the Japanese song lyrics. English is reasonably good. Some sentences are capitalised, some aren't. There needs to be more consistency on this.

A pretty decent blog that would probably appeal most to those who share his taste in music and anime.

Overall rating: 6/10


This is another mummy blog by a "female Malaysian living in Petaling Jaya. A mother to a little baby and a wife to a SUPER BIG baby."

A standard Blogspot template with the content on the left and column on the right. Rather plain but some of the posts have pictures to add more colour. I like the way the pics are done, they are tasteful and have been artistically enhanced. I'm guessing this blogger is rather artistic in nature.

The posts mostly revolve around her 2-year-old son, BB (the age tag is placed discreetly at the bottom which is nice). He seems to be a cute kid although some of the posts reveal he may be a handful!

As a young mother, Allyfeel blogs about the feelings that BB evokes in her. She also blogs about his achievements, naughtiness, etc. I liked the post about how she got a scare when she couldn't find him in the pasar malam, I could almost feel the fear and anxiety she was going through.

The English is all right. What most attracts me are the photos. The column on the right is short and neat.

This blog would appeal to other mummies and those who know Allyfeel personally.

My rating: 6/10

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bouncing along in life

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

And bounce we shall to this Blogspot-powered site which i must say needs a WARNING SIGN, as it is definitely not for the faint-hearted and "innocent" folks.

I like the clean black 2 column layout.

The content, as I have mentioned earlier, is not for the innocent. This guy curses like it is his oxygen. Seriously wicked, talks about everything from cars to sex to everything. Plenty of text, some posts are very long thanks to the fact that he places his whole chat logs in them.

What I like about his posts is that if there is a related or similar post in his archives, he'll link to those as well. Good job.

Easy navigation to archives and previous posts. BUT if someone wants to find the blogroll, they have to click on the finger.Yes, THAT finger. The fact that the blogroll is hidden is good since the list is pretty long. But I do recommend that you
put some text to state what that finger does since its role isn't obvious.

Overall rating: 6/10

Something to share...

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

And PS...Only ONE, the blogger, did share a lot in this Blogspot-powered site. He also advises us to live life in the present and not in the past nor the

The layout is clean and works equally well on IE and Firefox. The right column is clutter free and neat. However, the CQCounter seems to be hanging around in the wrong position. Also, please do edit your links section.

The blogger writes in fairly good English but there are some entries in Chinese and sometimes a mixture of both which confuses me. If it's possible, when you write in English and then need to use Chinese, could you write it in pinyin or romaji so we know? And for full Chinese entries...well in pinyin/romaji please.

This writer takes good pics, though I must say that some posts could do with less pictures.

Overall rating: 5/10

Monday, January 23, 2006

Avila's Coffee Break

Avila is a 19-year-old blogger in North Borneo. Her style of writing is short sentences with no capitalisation. Observe: "i just got back from a wedding. it was great. i met my old classmate and schoolmate. i just found out that my old classmate when i was 13 years old is already engaged. he's cute. great friend. i'm happy for them."

There was also some language used which I didn't understand: "it just struck me now at this very moment. bazatan zou! having to remember that particular night. nokuo ti??! ih feeling zou...? ishh. moluar guangku."

This is a personal blog chronicling Avila's life. Many of the posts start off with a small picture of coffee. Some have other pictures, some have no pics at all. Why the inconsistency?

The flooble chatbox on the left was working when I reviewed this blog but when I clicked to one of the archives then back to the main page, it was no longer working.

The rest of the column is just archives and recent posts. Short and sweet.

This blog would probably appeal most to people who know Avila in real life.

My rating: 5/10

Inside the Mind of a Single Guy

A half-full glass and an ashtray on a table. A window looking out onto some traffic. All in black and white. A pretty artistic header. So is this single guy a drinker and a smoker who likes to observe the world going by? His profile doesn't say. But a picture is worth a thousand words eh? ;)

Unlike many other blogs, this one has its blogrolls on the left. It's pretty long but since there are a fair number of posts on the main page it doesn't really matter. A tagboard, links, buttons, etc. The usual stuff.

Black and white feature predominantly in this blog, broken only by occasional brown text and pictures.

Content is OK. 2 memes, some rants, a scam letter, etc. Meh. Nothing really interesting, although I must say his English is pretty good. In case you're wondering, the blogger, SnglGuy is from Manila and is 44 and still single. Oh, and he's moody, sarcastic and pessimistic ... although generally a nice guy, or so he claims.

The comments are presented differently - there's no indication of the number of comments. Instead there is just a general link to Write/Read your Reactions which doesn't reveal the popularity of each post.

This blog is generally OK. I wish there were some more interesting posts though.

My rating: 5/10

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Life is Sharing

This blogger gave me two URLs but I am only going to review one: Life is Sharing as the other one just seemed like some sort of health-focused commercial site. That, and I'm short of time. She also gave me her son’s blog URL but I won't review that for now to be fair to the other bloggers who are waiting patiently for their reviews. Maybe in the near future.

This is not a standard Blogspot template, it's got a different background with a pale greenish-purplish hue. It's a bit too distracting in my opinion, as is the bright blue link in one of her posts.

I read the first post which said her e-FIL won a car through a scratchie lottery ticket. Congratulations to him. Don't ask me what an e-FIL is, I know what FIL is but the e- thing, I have no idea.

There are some pics in the second post and the layout isn't too good, they look as if they've been haphazardly placed. This is followed by a meme (what IS it with Malaysians and memes? It's like we're a nation obsessed with memes at the moment. Maybe we should rename the country Memelaysia).

The English is poor and there are some Chinese words here and there. Bridgette seems to be health conscious, and about 7 of her posts on the front page are just diet tips copied and pasted from a book. She also talks about financial tips. I guess out of shape and financially-ambitious people would really love reading this blog.

My rating: 3/10

Request reviews via email

A reminder to those who want their blogs reviewed to send me their requests via email, rather than the Comments section as it's easier for me to keep track of them.


Book of Aletheia

I like this blog’s template, it’s got refreshing shades of green and orange on a white background. The blogger updates pretty regularly and his posts are pretty interesting, mostly about relationships (or at least, those that I read were!) What’s up with the tiny writing at the bottom of the first couple of posts though?

The archives were listed by post name rather than lists of months which was really good – I could just scroll and read a post with a name I liked, rather than what happens with the usual Blogspot archives, where you click on a month without knowing what posts are in there.

There’s a tab on the top called Marketplace which is some sort of classifieds section. I’ve not seen this in other blogs. There are only two ads in there for now. I have no idea what the deal with this page is.

There are some Google ads on the top but they’re non-invasive. However I didn’t like his email address as it was just too colourful and hard to read. There’s also a large red ad under Sponsors, followed by more Google ads which did nothing to add value to the blog. In fact, there seems to be a fair bit of commercial content on this site for some reason. Are you doing this to pay off the hosting costs or something?

The column on the right isn’t too long. If the email address is reduced in size and colours, and the sponsor ad reduced or made less invasive, this would be a pretty good template.

I got curious about the blogger and tried to find his profile. But there’s nothing about him on the front page. So I clicked on the tab called ‘About’ at the top. I didn’t find much info though, although the blogger has explained the reason for his secrecy: “I am connected to certain people in high positions and my views on this blog may contradict or offend them.”


But that doesn’t mean you can’t even identify yourself with a nickname on the main page ;) I finally learned that you’re known as GhOst by reading the comments.

Content wise it’s ok. The English is decent and the words flow pretty well. But somehow I find the posts lacking something. I don’t have the urge to return and read more.

My rating: 6/10

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's the Commotion?

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

Seriously, what's the commotion on What's the Commotion? If only I knew. The blogger is known as Sang What and he agrees with people's assessment that he's weird and unconventional.

2 column layout, which is very, VERY, and i do mean VERY, clean. To the point where I could just eat the pixels. It's clean on both IE and FireFox.

He writes in reasonably good English (although sometimes he lapses into Manglish) and talks about his student life as well as the art scene which he enjoys.

Nice use of pictures, not too many, and they're kept to a medium or small size.

There is some profanity in some of the posts, so I would recommend a disclaimer.

A decent amount of links in the sidebar which is neat.

Overall rating: 7/10


This is a WordPress-powered blog with a plain template, and a nice picture of the Twin Towers as the header. An incredibly long right column which can be cut down if there's less space devoted to recent comments and trackbacks, and tiny banners at the bottom. An equally incredible long blogroll, preceded by a mind-boggling number of categories for this blogger's posts.

OK now that that's out of the way, time to focus on the content itself. Sashi seems to enjoy writing and has some really long posts, but thankfully only a small portion is placed on the main page with a "Read More" link for readers who are interested in the full story.

I particularly enjoyed his Singapore escapade. The 3-part-series was well written and made me want to read more. He updates pretty regularly which is good - I'm always disappointed if I find a blog I enjoy only to find that updates are once a week or less.

Sashi writes about everything under the sun but his posts aren't boring (with the exception of his football posts - I'm not a big football fan, can you tell?). His English isn't flawless but he has a way of drawing the reader in with well-chosen words and phrases. And he also has quite an imagination, as his fictional posts show!

I really enjoyed reading this blog. My only suggestion is to cut down on the number of things in the right column and maybe spruce up the background a bit to make it more lively.

My rating: 8/10

FH2O : Kuching Kayaking

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

At first I thought that this blog is about some fanatical kayak-er in Kuching, but FH20 is a person young at heart and approaching the ripe old age of 50.

According to his profile, he graduated from UNSW, Sydney. He wanted to change the world but the world changed him instead.

Layout is the classic 2 column, simple and clean although there tends to be overuse of pictures here and there. But this blog has a problem when it is viewed with IE. That will be explained later.

FH20 writes well and his English is flawless. He uses a lot of pictures in his posts and I recommend reducing them and making them the same size so that it's easier to read the flow of words. Although some of the articles are long and loading is a little slow, FH20 has captivated me with his words and pictures.

On the top of the page is a ticker which overlaps on the sidebar. This is a big no-no in my book. I thought it was an IE fault until I realised the same thing occurs in Firefox.

Now, on to the problem I mentioned earlier. When I viewed this page with IE, I couldn't see some items on the sidebar like the chatbox and archives until I scrolled far down. I then viewed the blog using Firefox which showed the contents of the sidebar properly.

I feel that there should be a space between the Guestbook link and the Quote of the Day (and I also recommend that the font size for the latter be reduced). In fact, there needs to be better spacing between the items on the right column.

Overall rating: 7/10

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jeremy C

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

This blog tells the story of Jeremy, who resides in Kuching, Malaysia.

This person states that he is a conformist and a rebel, which in my 555 book is a contradiction.

This blog has a 2 column layout on a black background which I love very much since I like reading with my lights switched off. Jeremy uses white text which is good unlike some other sites that use font colours that clash with the background. This is delicious.

Plenty of text and pictures and well balanced content, good command of English to boot. However, I would suggest that you cut down on images to speed up loading times, even though I personally love to see pics.

The Google Ads colour is a killer. I would not be caught dead dressed in psychedelic pants of those colours even if you let me sleep with [insert famous celeb's name here].

Below the ads are a multitude of buttons and services, which seem unnecessary. In fact, there's just too much going on in the right column. Too much colour, too many buttons, too much junk. Lucky the content saves this blog from a negative review.

Overall rating: 6/10

My So-called Ramblings

I love this blog's colour scheme, such a soothing blend of yellow, cream and white, and I love the sunflower and animated butterfly picture on the top left. I dislike the three column format though, as there's just too much to look at when you arrive here.

On the first column there's an incredibly long profile including scrolling pics, followed by a 'Video of the week', photo gallery, links, links and more links, a search feature, credits, a wordy disclaimer and finally, Google Ads.

The second column hosts a tag board, a blogroll, a list of webpages linking to this blog, a list of recent posts, a list of recent comments, archives, music charts, a movie trailer graphic and link, a list of cool sites, some buttons, more links and an announcement that her blog is worth $23,146.14.

The third column is where the actual posts are, starting with a meme, then an admission by the blogger that she may be losing her mind. Clean up your blog and you may find that you can breathe a little easier and be more organised ;)

Consuela, the blogger, writes well and the posts are enjoyable to read. I particularly like the Jan 5th post about things you'll grow to hate about someone, which includes gems like "People who point at their wrist while asking for the time...I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?" Good minimal use of photos.

It's hard to get to the archives though, as you need to scroll up and down looking for them among all that stuff in the middle column.

Bottom line: I love the colours and content but hate the clutter on the left.

My rating: 6/10

Snippets of Life

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

Since I can't read Chinese I have no idea what the word before "Snippets of Life" means.

I must say that most of the blogs I am reviewing right now is based on the 2 column layout, which is good. But somehow this blog looks weird on both IE and Firefox. In IE, the writer has placed an iFrametyped thingy for her Youtube which contains videos of her son and her trip to places around Beijing as she is now staying there with her husband. This is terrible as those who may want to scroll down the page using the wheel mouse will instead be scrolling in the Youtube section.

In Firefox, I can see the left-right scrollbar (I'm using 1024 x 768 resolution) but in IE there is none.

Some of the posts are mixed with Chinese kanji which I can't read. However, although the standard of her English is pretty low, the posts are simple and easy to understand.

The text size is HUMONGOUS... it's just too big for my liking. Her style of bolding some words is also distracting and unnecessary.

Navigating to previous posts and archives is simple, good job and the size of the font here is good. She has a decent blogroll, not too long, not too short. There are two tickers at the top, one tells us the age of her son and one tells us how many days are left until her vacation. One ticker at the bottom telling us how many days left to her anniversary. What's the point in having so many tickers?

Overall rating: 3/10

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Baby Bok Choi

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

This blog uses the 3 column layout and is powered by Blogsome which uses Wordpress's technology. It is nice, but the spacing in between the left and right columns and the middle column is quite small, and it can get distracting if the words in the left or right columns are long and encroach into the middle bit.

The one thing that irritates me is that the latest post title, which during my review was "Freezie Eating", looks as though the blog title is "Baby Bok Choi" and the tagline is "Freezie Eating". This happens in IE. In Firefox, you can see the space between the blog title and the post title, but it's still too little and if I was a first time reader I'd swear that's the tagline for the blog.

This blog is written by MamaBok, a Singaporean-Chinese female who is now living in Canada. Since this blog is semi-private, you'll find a lot of password-protected posts. The writing is simple and nice to read. A decent amount of photos.

Since blogsome is a free blogging service using wordpress themes and cool technology, it is easy to navigate between categories and archives. However, I would recommend that the "About Me" information is placed at the top and not further down under Links.

Another negative feature is that the Comments for each post is placed below the line that separates each post, which makes it seem as though the comments actually belong to the next post instead.

Overall rating: 5/10

The Tiger's Den

The words "Shag Me Baby" leaped out at me when I visited this blog. Whoa, what a way to capture my attention.

The first post (in fact the only post on the main page) is an explicit story about a threesome. I didn't read it fully as I didn't have time but it looked pretty interesting. Tigerjoe, you may want to put some disclaimer at the top that your blog is only for mature audiences. After all, with the recent tendency for ill-informed journalists to label anime as porn, your blog may be viewed as a tool to corrupt young innocent minds.

I read a few of the older posts which range from sexual encounters to deaths of monarchs to recipes. Pretty varied stuff in this blog. I must mention though that it's a bit hard to get to the older posts when you're not on the main page because you have to select blogs by dates rather than titles.

There are pictures in some of the posts but thankfully there seems to be a limit of one per post.

The blogger has named his blog 'The Tiger's Den' and described it as "the virtual daybed of a promiscuous polyamorous Bohemian Urban Man-Whore (B.U.M.)." Hmm, what a mouthful.

Long column on the right with many colourful buttons at the bottom. Basic black Blogspot template.

There's nothing really bad about this blog. The blogger has a way with words and writes easily about different topics. Looks like a blog I'd enjoy reading if I had more time!

My rating: 7/10

Going [Wild] & Glowing [Charm]

This blog uses a Blogdrive template with blinky ads at the top. Google ads on the right and at the bottom of the first post. Plain-ish template apart from the nice blue stripes on the top. Had to scroll across to see the right column with my 800x600 resolution.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent of the bad news.

The rest is all good news. Great English, good use of photos (although some could be smaller), well-written posts. The blogroll on the right is a bit long but neat, and since the main content in the middle bit is longer, no harm done.

There's not much personal info available about the blogger, Rosalind@S-Kay, in the side column, but from reading the posts, I discover she's an ambitious 21-year-old student who has some grand business idea that will be launched once she graduates.

The tendency for Malaysians to blog about everything under the sun is captured in one of her posts, where she writes: After Sakae, we went off to T.G.I for dessert. Mr.BF said, "You have to blog about this man!!!"

Still, Rosalind isn't the type to blog a few times a day just to inform everyone that her toenails grew by a centimetre that day. She only blogs once every 3 days or so and her posts are pretty interesting.

I really like reading this blog - shall be bookmarking it!

My rating: 7/10

Little Luke Skywalker

Reviewed by the Apprentice Blog Critic

With a name such as that, one wonders if his father is Anakin Skywalker and whether the writer has the Force within him.

Anyway, this blog is "about Little Luke "Skywalker" and his family, published by his father on the request of his mother for his own nostalgia", as the information on the right tells us.

The layout of this blog follows the 2 column format seen in a lot of blogs. The colour combination is pleasing to the eyes.

This blogger writes a lot, and I do mean a lot. Pretty good English with no hint of Manglish. Well informed posts, with a lot of pictures to boot, though I personally would cut down on the images. But with what this blogger writes in his/her posts it's worth the wait for the images to load.

Sidebar - alright, I must say that this is probably the biggest downfall of this good weblog. There are too many links, and I mean TOO MANY. The one that caused the downfall is the "Recent Jedi(s)Conferred". This I believe is a script done by the blogger to show who has recently commented on the blog. Although it is nice to boast that the site has major interaction with the readers, this is just too much.

What's worse is that under each post, the "comment here" area shows the names of the people who comment. I do believe that if there is ever a time when this blogger receives over 100 comments, you will see a footnote of just names only.

Overall rating: 4/10 (it would have been 6/10 if it wasn't for the comment thingy).

Monday, January 16, 2006

Some1's Voice Out There

Reviewed by The Apprentice Blog Critic

Alicia's weblog is based on the simple 2 column layout - 1 layout for the posting and the other as the sidebar. The colour symbiosis is easy on the eyes and it is wondrously pleasant for viewers to read it.

The only part I did not like about the layout was the header image, where she placed a small disclaimer link [If you're new here pls read this first..] just below her tagline. It's small, i think it's about a size 10 font. When it's still an active link it's reddish brown so one can notice it, but when it's a visited link it becomes grey and it blends with the image background, rendering nearimpossible to view.

Content wise, Alicia writes her posts in English - though it's broken here and there, the message is easy to understand and to digest. However, her post title irritates me when she places it in mixed capital letters such as "The MalaysiaN FooD".

In many of her posts, she places pictures which I think is quite fabulous but with too many pictures, loading time increases.

Alicia has 12 blogrolls at the moment, maybe it's because she only joined Blogspot in October 2005. Hopefully it doesn't end up like other blogs I've seen that have 50++ blogrolls. Navigation to previous posts/archives is easy.

Overall rating: 7/10

Apprentice hired

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for assistance. I have selected an individual to help me out, and this person shall henceforth be known as The Apprentice Blog Critic.

Keep those review requests coming in!

Adsum! Alter Ego!

First up: I absolutely love this blog's template! That's a really creative header you have there. I read the profile to find out more about the blogger but only learned that she's 20-something and working in a European country. I read some of her older posts which seem to indicate she's Chinese but can speak Dutch better. From this I assume that she's Indonesian. Correct me if I'm wrong!

This part had me cracking up: "Once I went to a Chinese restaurant I heard Chinese people speaking, I felt so sleepy due to their funny accent, and I fell asleep before the food arrived. Another happening, I was in the train and passangers around me were Chinese, they spoke Chinese and I fell asleep. When I got up I got shocked to realise that I didn’t know where I was."

I've never heard of someone finding Chinese a sleep-inducing language, until now. Insomniacs out there, this could be a new cure ;)

I found myself reading this blog for some time. Although her English isn't that good, I can grasp her meaning well enough. I also like the fact that there are no blinky ads or unnecessary photos/pictures.

Anonymuis has been blogging since September 2002 - that is a very very long time indeed. I read her first few posts which, frankly, weren't inspirational nor interesting, and I'm glad that she's improved over time.

My rating: 6/10

Little Girl in a Reverie

Bright yellow, pink, purple, brown and green text on a black background, plus some disgusting pictures of saliva, assailed my senses when I visited this blog. There's just a lot to absorb at first glance, from the annoying blinky ads at the top to the way too colourful fonts in the posts. And lots of pictures. I mean LOTS!

5 minutes after landing on the main page, IE tells me there are still 56 items waiting to be loaded, presumably some heavy graphics, which I couldn't be bothered to wait for and instead scrolled down to the posts.

From what I read while trying not to be distracted by the various colours and photos, I gather that the blogger is a uni student whose family has recently discovered that she has a "boy boy" and has been teasing her about him. She has the super ability to run like the wind and catch trains and buses while donating to the less fortunate. She also likes to disgust her readers (not to mention blind them) and take an obscene amount of photos. I think this should be categorised as a photoblog given the number of pictures everywhere.

I tried to read some of the comments and when the pop up box opened, I saw bright pink and yellow font on a white background, which put a strain on my eyes. Thankfully the readers' comments were in normal black font which was a joy to focus on after all that visual torture.

After a while I couldn't stand reading it anymore (did I mention the colours?) and decided to give my poor eyes a rest. Oh, and after all that, the top bit STILL hadn't loaded.

Jayelle, I think you have a good sense of humour, your posts are quite funny. But for God's sake, please tone down the colours, don't have so many photos and do something about that slow loading thingy at the top. Oh, and get rid of the blinky ads too. Let people focus on your stories without being blinded and I think you'll probably find more readers.

My rating: 4/10

BJ Thoughts

Clicking on to Balajoe's blog, I discover that BJ thoughts do not stand for batch job or blow job, but instead, just the initials of the whacky owner. Well there go my hopes of finding a blog that is wholly dedicated to blow jobs. Just kidding!

There's a picture on the right of a little boy wearing adult sunglasses and I assume that's the blogger's son. Cool kid. Below that is a profile of the blogger and even an FAQ about him - that's pretty funny! Not the content but the fact that an FAQ even exists. If you have burning questions about Balajoe and his blogging habits, you'll find the answers right there.

The right column is way too long, extending beyond the posts themselves. In fact there seems to be only one post on the main page and that ends halfway down the page while the right column continues merrily along its way. Scroll, scroll, scroll till you get to the end and then you realise that you have to look under Past Thoughts to see the older posts, or Museum Stuff for the archives.

This is a personal blog that leans more towards serious issues such as politics (the blogger takes great delight in pointing out the stupidity of politicians and civil servants and I don't blame him) and social misbehaviours such as road rage. There are of course the more personal posts such as the ones about his son and his working life, and occasionally you find some funny videos as well.

The blog is easy to read in 800x600 resolution, but switch to 1024x768 and the white font on black background becomes less clear and consequently, harder to read.

This is not a bad blog - in fact the blogger does raise some interesting issues from time to time. My suggestions to improve are to place more posts on the main page, perhaps change the template and check the quality of the photos that you put up - some are so dark that you really can't make them out at all.

My rating: 6/10

Friday, January 13, 2006

Now Hiring ...

I have been suddenly swamped with a whole load of review requests and as I don't like making people wait, I thought about getting someone to help me. At the moment I have about 20 requests pending, and the list is growing day by day.

The responsibilities are simple: I send you the blogs to be reviewed, you review them (based on layout, content and navigation) and send your rating to me. I shall then edit wherever necessary and post the final review.

Simple enough, isn't it?

Sorry, for this job you won't be paid. It's a free public service I am providing after all.

So for those of you who are interested in becoming my "apprentice", please post a comment (or email me at blog_critic@hotmail.com if you want to remain anonymous) and let me know why you want to help, and why I should "hire" you.

Here's your chance to unleash your true opinion about the many blogs out there and make your mark as an expert reviewer!

The Chaos Around Tibbar De Gniw

Tibbar De Gniw's blog was started in Nov 2005 with a post that said she's a chronic leporid lover. What's a leporid, please enlighten us.

Interesting nick - it would have been interesting even if it wasn't spelled backwards. And what a great command of English. I love it already.

Basic black Blogspot template and not many pictures (apart from some posts where she puts up photos taken with her new digital camera). Her profile tells us she's in secondary school, so you must be a teenager (I should have been a detective, I know!). In fact, I believe you just turned 16 on January 5. So ... happy belated birthday!

But this is no ordinary teenage blog with teenage angst or fluffy pink graphics, etc. This is a well-written personal blog and even the most mundane posts, like the one about her dog having fleas, are entertaining to read. Sometimes she rants about her headmaster and teachers, which brings me back to my schooldays, and sometimes she talks about everyday things like cleaning up messes.

Tibbar De Gniw, you're a good writer. Keep it up, blog about more serious stuff and your blog will probably gain more popularity. You've got loads of potential!

My rating: 7/10

The Vendetta

The Vendetta is a fairly new blog started in Oct 2005 by 3 contributors.

Below the header is this description: "First, you must discover whose face lies behind this mask, but you must never know my face..." How confusing! Then a disclaimer stating that the bloggers are neither terrorists nor radicals. That's very comforting, but then again, who's to know the truth, right? You could be on the FBI's Most Wanted list and we'd probably never know.

This is one of the plainer Blogspot templates around, with not many pictures to liven up the place.

The bloggers are very opinionated, which I like. They touch upon several issues such as religion and politics and aren't afraid to state their mind.

Sometimes the posts border on the erotic and vengeful, such as the Sweet Revenge with Peanut Butter one: "Today, I smeared my whole body with peanut butter and invited him to lick me clean ... I guess he couldn't resist this deadly temptation, even though he is allergic to peanut butter, very badly." Intriguing ... and I guess it fits in with the blog's declaration that "We Only Seek Justice", since it seems to be some sort of revenge plot.

Despite having 3 contributors, this blog isn't updated very regularly. There were no posts between Dec 31 and Jan 8 which was probably due to the holidays, and none since Jan 9.

Still, it's well-written, although it could do with a livelier template.

My rating: 6/10

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The World of Fat4

The first thing I see below the title of this blog is a line that says "A Great Way To Orgasm". Now that is a big promise, Fat4, if people don't orgasm, you could be sued for false advertising, you know? ;)

This is a very plain-looking and neat blog. Nothing to distract you from the main content. Except perhaps the South Park picture at the top. I love South Park by the way, but what exactly is the purpose of the pic there? Are you implying that you are as irreverent as the characters? That would be really delicious, I love irreverence.

The first post is centred on the great 'Singapore vs Malaysia - Which is Better' debate. The blogger lists what is positive about both countries and is fair in his opinion. I continued reading the other posts and before I knew it, I had spent a considerable amount of time reading the archives. Pretty interesting and varied stuff in this blog. The blogger refers to newspaper articles sometimes, but what's good is that he doesn't just put a link to the article, he actually gives his two cents' worth - so it's not a cut-and-paste and link everywhere kind of blog.

What I didn't like was the lack of capitalisation in some sentences. There's no consistency here - sometimes the sentences begin with a capital letter and sometimes they don't.

After reading for some time, I waited. No orgasm. Disappointing ... ;)

Overall, I enjoyed reading this blog. It could do with some photos to liven up the place, and have more consistency in capitalisation.

My rating: 6/10

Shaolin Tiger

Shaolin Tiger's blog is bold and I expected no less, with a nickname like that. I love the header, which tells me he's a Brit in Malaysia rambling inanely about eating, drinking, diving and partying. Looks like he's assimilated into our culture of eating and eating and eating, and he actually takes the time to take photos of the food then blog about it.

Very long columns on either side, which I deducted points for, because I dislike long blogrolls/lists/etc. There's a list of blogs he stalks on one side, and blogs he reads on the other. Why not just combine the two? Then there are Geek Links and General Links, which turns the blog into a semi-portal. There's even a whole list of links under 'Add Me'. Tell me honestly, ST, do you need all these links?

Scrolling down, I discover a large gap in the middle of the first post. Hmm, could be my resolution. I switched to 1024x768 and voila, gap gone.

Lots of interesting pictures pepper the posts, expecially the food-related ones. Some tech-educational ones which are useful for tech retards like yours truly. I wonder though, why these posts are categorised under 'General Nonsense' and don't have a category of their own.

I wanted to dig out more info about ST so I clicked on the 'Stupid Me Mes' category. Here's an interesting bit that I found. ST wants a girl who is not a midget nor fat (but not supermodel skinny), has breasts larger than a walnut, has good skin, doesn't have more hair than him (judging by his hairy chest proudly displayed in several pictures I'm assuming this is an easy one to fulfill) and doesn't have a mean/bitchy/slutty face. Well, you're certainly not picky! ;) So what happens if you meet a voluptious girl with good skin, isn't hairy and doesn't have a slutty face, but she's stupider than sheep and is really really picky about food? (I know the meme only asked for physical traits, and I'm curious as to the non-physical aspects you look for).

There's a whole variety of content in here - many of the posts are well-written although ST occasionally sinks to the level of writing nasty posts about people he hates. He seems to especially hate Xiaxue and slams her whenever the opportunity arises. I don't have time to go through the archives and see what sparked off this feeling of hatred, so ST, care to elaborate?

I like reading this blog although some of the posts are mind-numbingly boring (food reviews bore me after a while), but the funny posts like 'Cultural Differences Explained' and the opinionated ones make up for those. I would definitely bookmark ST. I like blogs written with passion and this is certainly one of them!

My rating: 7/10 (would have been higher except for those annoyingly long blogrolls!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Double Happiness - Twinsmom's Blog

Twinsmom's blog is bright and cheerful, and I understand that she's got 3-year-old twin girls. What I didn't understand (at first) was who Earthone is and why there's an age indicator for Earthone's baby on the same blog. Until I scrolled down and discovered a post by Earthone - so this is a blog by two people, I gather? At the bottom I see a time indicator for a wedding anniversary. Now I'm confused - whose wedding anniversary? Earthone's? Or Twinsmom's?

A colourful train with the words "Double Happiness" adds even more cheer to the top of the blog. Then there's a sitemap and a search feature, followed by an ad for what I assume is Twinsmom's business, and then the blog itself starts. Phew!

Cute little animated heads are used whenever there's a conversation, and each head has its own emotion. Pretty unique and cute, in my opinion. Colourful little bugs separate the posts. If you didn't know this is a blog about kids, you'd definitely know once you saw the template.

What I don't like are the ads at the bottom of each post. Since they're the same ads for each post, perhaps they can be tucked away discreetly on the side or the bottom of the blog.

Lots of Manglish, which I am OK with ... in small doses, and then too, only if you aren't too good in English. If your English is good, why resort to Manglish? But then again, I guess it also boils down to the audience. If you want to reach out only to Malaysians, then fine. But if you're hoping to reach out to a wider audience, brush up on your English. I suspect Twinsmom and Earthone aren't too fussed who reads their blogs. That's why you have paragraphs like this: "that day still got some business lar, tai-tai being tai-tai, even though spent few grands on the pearl, to them it is just some plastic beads to them, so wear it for a while don’t know fling to which corner liao, chin-chai finishing will do. "

This is a mummy's blog through and through, and will probably appeal to other mummies, especially those with toddlers of the same age. Some of the posts are funny, with the twins asserting their authority over a younger child, for example, but the rest are so-so. I like the bright, cheery template, but other than that, nothing stands out.

My rating: 4/10

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simply Hantam

Self-proclaimed sadist King's Wife decided she wanted her blog reviewed. So I popped over and the first thing I saw was the large red Chinese New Year graphic, followed by a post that links you to some other blog.

Hmm... not much substance in the first post. So I continued reading older posts. A picture of some cookies and a guilty admission by the blogger that she had a "fatty-fatty snack". Then a meme. Finally below that, a post that is more personal and substantial, not taking into account that a lot of it was "hahahaha" and some inane conversation.

I read further down and really, the posts are so-so. But she seems to be getting a lot of comments, so there must be some small-time fan base somewhere out there.

I clicked on the October 2005 archives and read some of the older posts, which I must say are much better than the current batch (except for the posts in black and red font - so hard to read!). It seems as though the blogger was more careful and thoughtful when starting the blog, but lately there hasn't been much to blog about yet she blogs just for the heck of it. In other words, she's keeping true to the blog title: Simply Hantam.

My rating: 3/10

Yvy's Cozy Corner

Yvy has been waiting impatiently for a review ever since she submitted her blog URL to me, so here it is - I bumped you up a couple of spots just for trying to help me out with that button task.

This is a Wordpress-powered blog, featuring a Gemini template, as the footer informs us. Nice bright template, easy to read font. The words "teh tarik" and "nasi lemak" already make me feel right at home.

The Google ads at the top are pretty small and non-invasive, but I can't say the same for the ones in the right column. Still, as most blogs these days seem to be incomplete without these ads, I've become accustomed to seeing them and can ignore them readily enough.

This is a personal blog but what sets it apart from others is that Yvy writes with passion. You can practically feel her emotions as she writes her posts, whether it's anger at animal cruelty or happiness at finding a spiffy new blog template. Lots of punctuation to emphasise her points.

One thing I don't quite like is the way many words are capitalised in the posts - I guess it's meant for emphasis but sometimes it breaks the flow of the sentence. I would use it only when absolutely necessary, especially as capitalised words are equivalent to shouting on the Internet. E.g: "Although she’s months late for LAST years birthday, she’s the FIRST to wish me this year" and "If you’re wondering WHY I’ve been silent for SO long. Blame my BLURNESS".

The 'Archives' link in the top navigation bar doesn't work. The same link on the right works, but the page itself is blank except for some coding. I finally got to the archives using the monthly links further below.

This blog seems pretty popular judging by the number of comments and I can see why. Yvy comes across as bubbly, sociable and passionate about a lot of things. She writes about things that others can relate to and comment on, and tries to make her blog as interactive as possible. From her style of writing I would say she's about 20, but I know otherwise ;) Very young at heart!

My rating: 7/10

By the way, Yvy, from your Silktide site score, it seems that your blog appears to be in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act ... tch tch ;)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Selba's Feelings

Selba's profile shows she is from Jakarta, Indonesia. But reading further, I discover that she loves Thai pop songs and her blog includes links to Thai blogs, forums and music sites. In fact, her very first post back in June 2005 is about the lyrics to some Thai song. I don't have time to read each and every post in the archives so I don't know her background, and anyway whether she's Thai or Indonesian or German or British isn't a matter of grave importance to me - I just like knowing where a blogger is from.

This is a standard Blogspot template with a picture of Selba that would be more suited to a newspaper article about a criminal - there's this large black strip over her eyes for some reason. She has a sweet smile and perky .... uh ... nose.

Her first post on the main page is profound, but then there are pictures of a golden temple right below that could have been left out. There are already four pics at the top which add meaning to the post so the temple pics just look unnecessary.

This seems to be a personal blog with all kinds of posts, some are profound stories like the first post, some are general observations, and the rest can't really be categorised, like her coffee post: "This morning, during Chinese course, I was sitting beside my laoshi. He had a cup of coffee. Could smell the aroma of the coffee... Hummmmmmmmm....... *closing my eyes* It smells so nice, very calming and wonderful.... Feeling like in heaven....."

Basically it's a rojak blog. Nothing great, nothing evil either.

My rating: 4/10

All About Zara

When this blog was submitted to me for review, I thought it would be a narcissistic one, judging by the title - All About Zara. But no, it's actually all about the blogger's 1-yr-old daughter.

The tagline on the left says: "So much unkown, so much to learn. Yet it's such a great experience". Zara's mama, maybe you want to spell 'unknown' correctly ;)

Cute pic of Zara and mama on the profile. More cute pics of Zara at a wedding dinner and a cute video of her dancing cutely. You get the gist - it's a blog about a cute baby. I particularly like the pic in the New Year greeting, now that's a really cute one.

There's not much I can say about this blog, it's basically a daily account about Zara and her antics/behaviour/talents, apart from the occasional meme. Other mummies will relate well to this, and judging by the number of comments, this blog seems to be pretty popular in the mummy-blogosphere.

Pretty entertaining if you're into babies and their day-to-day lives.

My rating: 5/10

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Malaysian Ah Pek

Ah Pek requested a review of his blog so I popped over and was greeted by a colourful template complete with fireworks and Chinese characters.

Below that is a picture of an old jalopy with the words "Old but reliable, slow but usable" - is that supposed to be a description of yourself, Ah Pek? My image of you is an old man, bent over, typing very slowly on an old keyboard that's about to fall apart. I bet that's far from the truth though ... because otherwise you'd be dead of a heart attack just by looking at those Japanese swimwear pics ;) Then I read in one of your posts that you're going to be 50 this year ... so maybe you're just a tech-loving dirty old man.

Below that car picture is an animated gif of a smiling lantern which links back to this same site - what's the purpose of making that image a link? The bright red column further below hurts my eyes and really took my focus away from the main content.

I managed to ignore the red links column long enough to read the content. I really don't like the way the comments are named "Lumps of Shit", that's just crass in my opinion. Maybe in keeping with the theme of your blog (AhPek saliva more than tea), you should rename it "Specks of Saliva" or something. Not much classier, but at least there would be a thematic flow.

This blogger seems intent on being crass, with phallic pictures and rude poems. But when I read the Happy Dog Year post, I discovered that Ah Pek is into charity, and has helped raise RM80k for a hemodialysis centre and RM30k for a local Chinese school, in addition to attending countless charity dinners. He seems to have a good heart and his blog can actually be used to raise funds for his various charity activities. So I don't quite get the focus on rude topics. But hey it's his blog, so like they say in Malaysia, his pasal lah.

I scrolled all the way to the bottom, but couldn't find any link to archives. Ah Pek, is your blog new and only consists of one page? If not, please let me know so I can adjust my review to cover your older posts too.

Bottom line: nothing really unique, creative or compelling in this blog.

My rating: 3/10

Friday, January 06, 2006

Itsy Weensy Bytes

Angelblaze83 submitted her blog to me for review. From her email itself I gathered she was a young, bouncy, cheerful kind of girl. An opinion that was reinforced when I visited her blog, which reveals that she's 22, mostly sweet and, in her own words: Easily Bored *sticks tongue out* *grinz!*. Now I have a visual image of a mostly sweet 22-year-old sticking her tongue out at me while giving me a dimpled smile.

So if you're young and lively, why is your blog so dull in terms of colour? The banner at the top is black and grey, with an electric purple scribble that doesn't really stand out. Maybe the title "Itsy Weensy Bytes" should be the one scribbled instead. Better still, change the entire colour of the banner to something more lively.

The column on the right seems to have relocated itself to the bottom of the page - perhaps it's my 800x600 resolution, but you should really look into that - I had to scroll all the way down to get to the archives.

Content wise, some of the posts are really cute with the cutesy panda and seal pictures. This sentence bugged me though: "PS: don’t miiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssss meeeeee toooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccch!!" That's a sheer waste of characters and really, "Don't miss me too much!!" would have gotten the message across a lot less annoyingly.

Similar to JoeC's blog, this one has a fair number of food posts too. I drooled when I saw the Tarbush pics because that's one of my favourite restaurants and I have a craving for some kofta now. There seems to be something about Malaysian blogs and food, they seem to go hand-in-hand - I suppose it's only natural given our love affair with food.

In her email, angelblaze83 requested that I read the SUHFVC post which apparently received a lot of comments. So I read it. It's basically about her experience with some obnoxious girl in a toilet. This girl was dishing out advice on how to get guys to notice you and apparently, guys will only like you if you are stick-thin. I really have no idea why you stuck around so long to have that conversation with her, but I must commend you on your patience and for not ripping her to shreds verbally, which I would have done. I don't have patience to deal with presumptuous fools and would probably have told her: "I don't take advice from ugly bitches. Goodbye, and have a nice day."

The content is generally ok, but please stop running your sentences together like this: "I know its baaaad..but come to think of it lately i have been a wee bit lazy to blog..My heart isn’t in it.. Like one of my girlfriends said, the undies post was just a way for me to fill space on my blog.. She kind of felt that my heart wasn’t in it..She says it lacked enthusiasm.." Separate your sentences properly, do away with the double full stops and make your paragraphs shorter so reading is easier.

I clicked on the Gallery link which was last updated in August 2005, with a message saying Coming Soon. It's been 5 months, girl, so it's time to fill that section up or remove the category altogether. You have loads of pics on your blog, why not categorise them properly and stick them in this section?

Bottom line: this is a cutesy blog which needs to have a livelier choice of colours - you're young, don't dress up your blog in granny colours :) Fix the right column, make use of the Gallery section and paragraph your posts properly.

My rating: 4/10

Thursday, January 05, 2006

JoeC Crash Pad

JoeC's blog has gone through several changes recently, mostly after he got reviewed (and ripped apart) by another site. From a colouful background with hard to read font, he's changed to a white background, which is far easier on the eyes. He experimented with some orange font recently too, but thankfully has now switched to black. Quick question Joe, why is it JoeC Crash Pad and not JoeC's Crash Pad?

I like the picture at the top but it seems too large in my opinion. I'm using IE with an 800x600 resolution, so perhaps that's why it seems to take up so much space. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I'm not changing it anytime soon.

The right bar is a bit long but it's neat, so no points deducted for that. However, the Crash Box seems to be out of order, so Joe, you need to look into that.

Content-wise, this is a personal blog so of course Joe talks about events in his day-to-day life, and sometimes comments on football as well. I like the Wacky Thursday posts, they're fun and interactive - although the focus on hot guys is a bit suspicious ;) The pictures used are small in size so they're not too distracting or annoying.

However, I get bored with food posts and there seems to be a fair number in this blog. Joe, please write more about other topics.

Nothing really bad about this blog, but nothing really compelling either. Perhaps more opinionated posts would be good, and please fix the Crash Box. Also, not every post needs to contain photos/pics.

My rating: 5/10