Friday, December 23, 2005

KC Yap's Point of View

First things first - I really like the banner at the top, and I love the colours he's used in his Wordpress-powered blog. Blue's my favourite colour and the shade he's used is, although muted, in no way dull.

I am curious though as to why he has two domains for the same blog - and

The first post contains a photo of some garishly made up girls. The one in yellow is really pretty, and reading further, I discover it's the blogger's sister. I don't know if it's a good idea to put up your family's pics on the Internet, especially as there are so many sick perverts out there, but hey, it's his blog and he's entitled to post whatever he wants.

The blogger writes like he speaks, so you get sentences like "I dunno if he is the one who took the picture or not" and "It's gigantic compare to other frog lah i mean". That's fine if you're only targetting Malaysians or Singaporeans or those who understand this manner of speech, but when you want to reach out to a wider audience, you should brush up on your language skills.

I like the fact that he keeps his posts short on the main page, with a link to the whole post for those who want to read the entire thing. There seems to be a photo for each post which is acceptable but the size could be smaller. I don't really get the popularity rating for the posts - the first six posts have ratings ranging from 13% to 21% which gives the impression that these posts aren't too popular. I would do away with that since it seems to be creating a negative impression.

Content wise, this blog is reasonably ok. Some of his posts are quite funny, like the gigantic frog one, while others offer a peek into his personal life. I hated the Shoot Shot Shit post though, which started off with "Y3ah, here com3 da manglish 4 evelione". I can't stand posts that have fonts like these as it's hard to read and decipher. I hope he stays away from using this style of writing in the future.

My rating: 5/10